TÜBİTAK Will Recruit 6 Researchers

TÜBİTAK Will Recruit 6 Researchers
TÜBİTAK Will Recruit 6 Researchers

R&D personnel (Project Management) will be employed to work within the TÜBİTAK BİLGEM Artificial Intelligence Institute.

To prepare the necessary information about the contract, job description documents and other necessary information / documents in accordance with the project management processes, by being involved in the projects from the tender preparation stage,

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To determine the cornerstones of the projects, to plan the project schedule, scope and budget and to control the actual activities, to manage the risks of the projects realized within the scope of the competence center and to take solution actions for the problems in the project process, to coordinate the project planning, organization, scheduling and workforce,

To carry out the activities that will be necessary to ensure that the projects realized within the scope of the competence center are carried out in accordance with the project management processes and administrative processes, to follow the project work schedule, to ensure the continuation of the work on time, within the budget and with the requested quality, , suppliers, subcontractors, etc.), to plan the meetings on administrative matters, to make the preparations, to participate in the meetings and to follow the meeting decisions, to prepare the development reports of the projects and present them to the management, and to participate in process improvement studies when necessary.


a) In order to apply for the posting, it is necessary to register in the Job Application System at Kariyer.tubitak.gov.tr. Applications will not be accepted except for applications made through the Job Application System.

b) Applications must be submitted no later than 04 / 03 / 2022: 17: 00.

c) Applications will be evaluated over the advertisement reference code. Candidates will be able to apply by selecting the advertisement reference code from the job application system. A candidate can apply for a maximum of 1 (one) position.

d) For each reference code; According to article (a) of the "General Conditions to be Required for Candidates", candidates will be called for an interview 10 times the number of personnel to be recruited, starting from the highest score. In case there are other candidates with the same score as the candidates in the last place, these candidates will also be called for an interview.

e) Candidates to be called for an interview will be able to participate in the Pre-interview Evaluation process.

f) Candidates will be evaluated according to the declaration they have entered into the job application system during their application, and the application will be deemed invalid if the information entered is incorrect or if any of the documents listed below are missing.

  • University Entrance Exam Result Document (OSYM approved or internet print out with a control code),
  • University Entrance Exam Placement Document (OSYM approved or internet printout with control code) / (For foreign students placed in universities in Turkey or for students placed by Vertical Transfer Exam, etc.),
  • Undergraduate - and above - Diploma / Exit Certificate / YÖK Graduate Certificate (with a control code obtained through e-government) (Equivalence Certificate for those who have completed their education in higher education institutions abroad),
  • Undergraduate - and if any - Transcript of Records,
  • Foreign Language Exam Result Document,
  • Approved Work Certificate and Insurance Service Document (with a control code, obtained via e-government) from the relevant workplaces from candidates with experience (professional experience),
  • Document showing military status (for male candidates).

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