New Highway Entrance Project to Sakarya Started

New Highway Entrance Project to Sakarya Started

New Highway Entrance Project to Sakarya Started

Metropolitan Municipality started the 'New Highway Entrance' project that will accelerate transportation. The project, with a cost of 75 million TL, will be an alternative to the logistics network by connecting the intercity KMO, TEM and D-100 roads to the main veins of the city. Chairman Y├╝ce said, ÔÇťWe have completed the expropriation of 40 million TL, we have started our new highway initiative with a width of 23 meters and a length of 2 thousand 500ÔÇŁ.
Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues to produce projects that will add value to urban transportation. After the Sakarya Bridge Junction Project, which relieves the entrance of the city, a new highway entrance is given to Sakarya this time. With the commissioning of the Northern Marmara Highway, the first bucket was hit today for the new highway entrance to Sakarya, which needed to connect to the highways. President Ekrem Y├╝ce gave the good news for the 'New Highway Entrance' during his visit to the construction site. Y├╝ce made a press release in which he included all the details about the work that will provide the connection to the Northern Marmara Highway, the Anatolian Highway (TEM Highway) and the D-100 Highway.

2 meters long new entrance

Mayor Y├╝ce stated that the first stage of the new highway entrance will start from Erenler Pek┼čenler region and end at the new toll booths to be established in Bekirpa┼ča Kozluk location and said that the expropriation of 40 million TL has been completed by the Metropolitan. In this project, new toll booths will be built on the highway, the closest entrance of which is in Arifiye, to save time at the entrance to Adapazar─▒, Erenler, Serdivan and the northern region. This 2-meter road, which will add value to the transit transportation, logistics and trade network, and will create an alternative to Karasu Port and all OIZs, will also ensure a balanced distribution of traffic to the city center. Y├╝ce, in his statement to the press, explained the value that the project, which will cost 500 million TL, will add to the city in all technical details.

40 million TL expropriation completed

Emphasizing that this connection road will strengthen the connection of the city with the transportation networks, Y├╝ce said, ÔÇťDuring the time we are in office, we are working day and night for the development and renewal of our city from 4 branches. One of these works is the new highway entrance project that will be connected to our city from Pek┼čenler. From the day we took office, we started working on an alternative highway entrance that suits our Sakarya and offers more practical solutions. We prepared the project drawings and feasibility studies. Later, we submitted it to the approval of our General Directorate of Highways and ensured its acceptance. The General Directorate of Highways held the tender for the entrance and exit of the highway tolls on the designated routes on Tuesday, December 29, 2020. We, as Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, have completed the expropriation works of 40.000.000 TL on the planned routes. With the new road to be built with a length of 2 meters and a width of 500 meters, we will provide the connection between the D 23 Highway, the Anatolian Highway, the Northern Marmara Highway and strengthen the connections of our city with the transportation networks.

ÔÇťSakarya will be number one in transit transportation and commercial routeÔÇŁ

Expressing that with this work, Sakarya will become the number one in transit transportation and commercial routes, President Y├╝ce said, ÔÇťThe project with a total cost of 75 million 282 thousand 334 TL will be beneficial to our Sakarya. The location of our city is advantageous compared to many cities in our country. We are located in the Marmara Region, which is one of the locomotive regions of our country. We are located at the point where Anatolia and the Black Sea are connected to Marmara and Istanbul. With the new entrances to be made, we will directly connect one of the main veins of Sakarya urban transportation with the highways I mentioned. Thus, we will both establish the connection between OIZs and create an alternative route between OIZs and highways. I hope we will make our city number one in transit transportation and commercial routes. With this project, we will contribute to the development of the hinterland of Karasu Port. We will strengthen the connection of the port with the transportation networks with alternative connection roads and routes. Mr. To our Minister of Transport, Mr. To our General Manager of Highways, Mr. On behalf of myself and my city, I would like to express my gratitude to our Regional Director of Highways and to all our friends who supported us at the conclusion of the project.ÔÇŁ he said. For the new highway entrance, President Y├╝ce got the first bucket and the work started quickly.

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