The Foundation of the Project That Will Make the Floods History in Istanbul Was Laid

The Foundation of the Project That Will Make the Floods History in Istanbul Was Laid

The Foundation of the Project That Will Make the Floods History in Istanbul Was Laid

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu; He laid the foundation of the project that will put the floods that have been experienced for years in Avcılar, Esenyurt, Başakşehir and Arnavutköy districts into history. Attending the "İSKİ Wastewater and Rainwater Channel Construction Groundbreaking Ceremony" held in the Yeşilkent District of Avcılar, which has a zoning plan 40 years later, İmamoğlu started his speech and said that the elderly citizen named Şerife Erdoğan, whom he saw standing still due to the intense participation, took the seat reserved for him. got it seated.


Emphasizing that İSKİ is one of the most well-established and important institutions of İBB, İmamoğlu said, “Let us remind you that since the day we took office, we wish that there would be no view that does not suit this city anymore, and that we promised to complete all the infrastructure works that have been neglected until now in this direction.” Saying, “We are fulfilling this promise,” İmamoğlu said, “We have either finished or are about to finish nearly 80 percent of it. We continue on our way in the 20 percent part. Because this is an image that Istanbulites and this city deserve. The images in the past were an image that did not suit this city. One of our most important issues is to establish a modern infrastructure and to achieve this despite all these difficulties. This is Istanbul. In other words, these images cannot be shown to the world from here. Those images that were experienced in the heart of Istanbul, in Üsküdar or Sirkeci or Yenikapı or Bakırköy, Pendik or Kartal just yesterday can no longer be experienced by Istanbulites. It cannot be shown to the world,” he said.


“In today's economy, it has become difficult to even go out to tender, let alone doing business. Because you can't put the costs in place," said İmamoğlu, "You can't put the approximate costs in writing somehow. And this difficulty is giving us all very difficult times. Many costs have reached a position that is much more than our estimation, bothering our citizens and twisting their backs. Especially the increase in energy prices and the unbearable level of electricity bills really bother us. We know that our people are also affected by it. İSKİ's electricity consumption has increased 1 times in the last 2,5 year. Today, nearly 3 billion 200 million electricity bills are expected this year. This figure was completed around 1 billion 380 million at 2021 prices. In other words, this is a striking response to how much such costs have increased not only in our home, but also in our institutions.”


Saying, "We are currently struggling with difficulties at İSKİ," İmamoğlu said:

“There is a General Assembly of İSKİ today. I hope that consultations were held at the General Assembly of İSKİ. Political groups came together. I made the first start. I would like to thank all 4 political party groups for the dialogue that has continued so far. Analyzes were made. Assistant General Manager of İSKİ and my other friends made presentations to them and made presentations to the commissions. The multiplier is simple. Our General Manager will explain at the General Assembly today. It has a T scale. Simple rule of accounting. They come, they go. The multipliers of the expenses are certain. No need to go too far. You return to 2021; how much electricity consumption, you write. How much is the cost, you multiply; number comes out. In return, their income is certain. The income of İSKİ is certain. What? Water bill. He makes these investments with the money he earns from Sudan. Have to. Water has to flow in our house 7/24. It has to treat the water flowing through the sewers of Istanbul, as well as the polluted water or waste water. Now these are all necessary.”


Saying, “When you look at the IMM's budget, you can be flexible,” İmamoğlu said, “You can say; Let's delay that subway for another year. Or let's not build this cultural center this year, let's do it next year. Or that park, let's start in 2 years. You can stretch. But you cannot say to a child at home that we will not wash you for a month. You can't say don't make wudu today either. You can't say don't wash your plate or dish. Or you can't say don't run the dishwasher. You can't say don't run the washing machine. So water is an essential need. It is an issue that we can call the first right of every citizen, which has to be given 1/7 without a hitch. Despite these difficulties, despite these cost increases, I expect the highest level of virtue in the attitude and attitude of our Assembly, this job and similar services that are obligatory for our people to provide in order to provide a sustainable service.”


“Our İSKİ General Directorate is below the minimum in order not to put too much burden on our citizens in these difficult days; Sharing the information, "This is not easy for this institution, he presented a plan by writing a minus on his budget," İmamoğlu said. And for the sake of avoiding discussion from now on, I expect that the WPI-PPI adjustment will be brought back into the system and that such an essential service will not be discussed every day with concepts such as raises and the like. I convey to all the members of our Istanbul Metropolitan Assembly, the second largest assembly of Turkey; regardless of political party," he said.


In his speech, Avcılar Mayor Turan Hançerli thanked İmamoğlu for the solution of the 40-year zoning plan problem of Yeşiltepe District and for the services rendered throughout the district. In his speech, İSKİ General Manager Raif Mermutlu said, “We are laying the foundation of an investment with a total cost of 340 million liras in Avcılar, Esenyurt, Başakşehir and Arnavutköy districts. With the project, 120 kilometers of wastewater and storm water channels will be invested. In this context, especially Yeşilkent Neighborhood, which has not been invested until now due to the zoning problem; In Firuzköy, Cihangir, Denizköşkler and Ambarlı Neighborhoods, wastewater and storm water channels will be constructed to prevent flooding. In addition, environmental pollution in the region will come to an end. We will construct a waste water channel of 50 kilometers in Yeşilkent and Firuzköy Neighborhoods, and around 15 kilometers in other neighborhoods.”

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