Honda Civic, Designed for LPG in All Details

Honda Civic, Designed for LPG in All Details

Honda Civic, Designed for LPG in All Details

The LPG conversion center, which emerged from the partnership of BRC's Turkey distributor 2A Mühendislik with Honda, continues to transform Civic model vehicles for the Turkish market. Genci Prevazi, Member of the Board of Directors of BRC Turkey, stated that LPG Civics converted in Kocaeli, Kartepe will be exported to the European market, and as a result of 5,5 years of R&D studies, the new generation Honda Civics are suitable for LPG in all details. stressed that it was designed

Kocaeli, Kartepe LPG conversion center, which was put into operation last November with the partnership of BRC Turkey distributor 2A Mühendislik and Honda, ensured the continuity of the 11-year Honda-BRC cooperation. It has been announced that Honda Civics, which will be converted at the LPG conversion center with an annual capacity of 20 thousand vehicles, will be exported to the European market.

BRC Turkey Board Member Genci Prevazi, emphasizing that they have converted 2011 thousand Honda Civics to LPG since 130, said, “The long-standing BRC-Honda partnership, which became operational last November, has moved one step further with our LPG conversion center in Kartepe, Kocaeli. . Civics transformed here will find a place for themselves in the European market as well.”


Stating that the Honda team applied to them for the LPG Honda Civic that will take place in the Turkish market 11 years ago, Genci Prevazi said, “Honda wanted to produce an environmentally friendly and economical vehicle that will take place in the Turkish market. While we were negotiating, they wanted to visit our main factory in Italy. After visiting our R&D center located here, they preferred BRC for transformation. We forwarded our change requests, mostly located in the engine area, to the Honda team for the harmony of the transformation. Modifications were made to the engine for LPG compatibility and thus the project began. The vehicle sales figures, which were 100-150 per month in the first year of its sale, exceeded 300 with the addition of the LPG option. Towards the end of the year, the sales figures reached 600. After seeing our success, we realized that there is a tendency towards alternative fuels in Turkey. The sales success of vehicles with fabricated LPG will increase even more. We wanted to take this one step further and started a development project.”


Referring to the second R&D study of Honda's Civic model, BRC Turkey Board Member Prevazi said, “The development period of the second generation LPG Civic took about 3,5 years. The Honda R&D center in Japan aimed to produce an engine that only works with LPG by making 28 changes to the engine and succeeded. In 2016, we started production by establishing a conversion line at the Honda Turkey factory. The vehicles coming out of this line, which has a daily conversion capacity of 100 vehicles, reached a sales success of 2016 thousand and 2017 thousand 2 per month in 2-500, beyond the expectations. While the production of the vehicles continues, the development of the new LPG Civic, which will be released in 2021, has begun.


Sharing the story of the development of today's model of the Honda Civic with LPG, Prevazi said, “When we started working on the new generation Honda Civic, which was designed with LPG at the design stage, there was not even a prototype of the vehicle. Honda UK and Japan R&D offices and BRC Italy R&D facility participated in the R&D study, which lasted 5,5 years. It was designed in accordance with LPG, including the body of the vehicle. Even the place where the LPG tank will sit has been designed to ensure maximum safety, taking into account all effects. All tests, vibration, emission, road tests, impact tests were carried out on the vehicle with zero LPG as well as on gasoline and presented to the consumer.”

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