Multi-Storey Intersection Works Continue at Full Speed ​​in Göçmen

Multi-Storey Intersection Works Continue at Full Speed ​​in Göçmen

Multi-Storey Intersection Works Continue at Full Speed ​​in Göçmen

One of the important projects that Mersin Metropolitan Municipality will bring to the city in order to ease transportation, the multi-storey intersection works in Göçmen continue rapidly. At the junction where the physical realization rate is 58 percent, the bored pile and retaining wall works have been completed.

At the intersection of Hüseyin Okan Merzeci Boulevard and Nevit Kodallı Street, an important part of the road and junction arrangement work, which is 755 meters in the east-west direction and 440 meters in the north-south direction, with a total length of 1195 meters, has been completed. At the crossroads; The construction of 475 bored piles, 45 bored piles for the pumping station and 12 26-meter retaining walls were completed. At the junction where a total of 400 thousand 2 meters of rainwater pipes, including Ø460 500 m, Ø180 600 m, Ø211 1200 m, Ø259 3 meters, will be laid, the Ø110 1200 meter section has been completed.

“We have taken measures to ensure that the vehicles have a more comfortable ride”

The project, whose indoor areas are 86 meters long and 16 meters wide, is a single-storey intersection project in Mersin, where bicycle paths pass. Vahap Seçer, Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, who recently examined the multi-storey intersection works, said:

“One-storey intersection on the east-west axis with a length of 755 meters. The slope of this multi-storey intersection is also extremely low. Although there is a slope of up to 8 percent at other multi-storey intersections, we save this with 3 percent here. With a very slight incline, the vehicles will sink and come out after 750 meters. There will be a route 450 meters in width, that is, on the north-south axis. The upper floor of the interchange was also extremely well calculated. Technically, we have taken measures that will not cause any blockage or disruption of traffic, and will enable vehicles to travel more comfortably.”

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