Correct Exercises During Pregnancy Make Birth Easier

Correct Exercises During Pregnancy Make Birth Easier

Correct Exercises During Pregnancy Make Birth Easier

Near East University Hospital Specialist Physiotherapist Fatma Sökmez Ogün says that exercises done during pregnancy facilitate delivery, but the exercise program should be started from the 12th week of pregnancy.

Having a movement program consisting of the right exercises is extremely important to spend our daily life healthier and fitter. In special periods such as pregnancy, its importance increases even more! A correct exercise program is very beneficial in terms of maintaining the physical condition of pregnant women, preventing postural disorders, regulating circulatory and digestive functions, supporting the muscle activity needed for birth, controlling maternal weight gain and facilitating postpartum recovery.

Emphasizing that physical activity also facilitates childbirth, Near East University Hospital Specialist Physiotherapist Fatma Sökmez Ogün made suggestions about safe exercises that pregnant women can practice. Stating that swimming, walking, low-intensity aerobic exercise and clinical pilates are the leading safe activities to be done during pregnancy, Fzt. Fatma Sökmez Ogün says, “Jogging, aerobic dance, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, water skiing, all contact sports, underwater sports, exercises at high altitudes and all activities that require competition are considered dangerous.”

Exercises should be programmed for proper posture training.

Stating that exercise programs should include proper posture training, Fzt. Fatma Sökmez Ogün stated that teaching appropriate body mechanics is important for a more comfortable pregnancy process. Stating that the exercise program should include strengthening exercises for the hip circumference in order to carry the increased body weight during pregnancy, and exercises that strengthen the arm muscles for child care, Fzt. Fatma Sökmez Ogün “It is important to do exercises during pregnancy to prevent edema, varicose veins and cramps. At the same time, strengthening the muscles to be used in childbirth, exercises for pelvic floor muscle control, strengthening the abdominal muscles and teaching relaxation techniques that can be useful during childbirth should be included in the exercise programs.

To start exercising, the 12th week of pregnancy must be completed.

Stating that a specialist should be consulted in cases of pain, bleeding, irregular and high heart rate, headache, fainting sensation, fainting, low back or pubis pain and difficulty in walking while exercising, Fzt said. Fatma Sökmez Ogün stated that pregnant women who will exercise should get approval from their doctor before exercise programs. Emphasizing that the 12th week of pregnancy should be completed in order to start exercising, Fzt. Fatma Sökmez Ogün said, “During exercise, thick clothes that will increase body temperature and tight-fitting clothes should not be worn. During stretching exercises, exercises that may cause simultaneous stretching of multiple muscle groups and the development of cramps should be avoided. The duration of lying on the back should not exceed five minutes starting from the fourth month, and in order to avoid hypertension, one should get up slowly from the lying position. The frequency of exercise should be arranged to be between three and six days a week. It is important to be active and to apply preventive health approaches during pregnancy in order to maintain a better quality of life both during pregnancy, in the next pregnancies and in the post-pregnancy period.

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