AKSUNGUR SİHA delivery to the Navy and Air Forces

AKSUNGUR SİHA delivery to the Navy and Air Forces

AKSUNGUR SİHA delivery to the Navy and Air Forces

AKSUNGUR, produced by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) engineers and technicians, continues to enter the inventory.

Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil was the guest of the "Gengenda Special" broadcast in A Haber. Speaking about AKSUNGUR UAV studies, Kotil said; He shared the information that a total of 5 AKSUNGUR S/UAVs were delivered to be used in special missions with the Naval Forces and Air Force Commands.

AKSUNGUR SİHA, which was developed with domestic and national resources and broke the record for flying with and without weapons, continues to serve in the field. AKSUNGUR SİHA, which was developed based on the ANKA platform in a short period of 18 months and has the capacity to perform uninterrupted multi-role intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and attack missions with its high payload capacity, provides beyond line of sight operation flexibility with its SATCOM payload.

AKSUNGUR, which made its first flight in 2019; It has integrated all Platform Verification ground/flight tests, 3 different EO/IR [Electro Optical / Infrared] cameras, 2 different SATCOM, 500 lb class Teber 81/82 and KGK82 Systems, domestic engine PD170 system until now. In addition to all these studies, AKSUNGUR, which started its first field mission in the second quarter of 2021 with the fight against forest fires, has passed 1000+ hours in the field.

AKSUNGUR will hit the target from 82 km with the KGK-SİHA-55

With the KGK-SİHA-82, specially developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE for SİHAs over the UPS-82, targets at a range of 55 km can be hit with high precision. The total weight of two portable KGK-SİHA-82 ammunition from AKSUNGUR SİHA is 700 kg. KGK-SİHA-82 has precision strike capability with integrated ANS/AKS (INS/GPS).

In April 2021, AKSUNGUR SİHA successfully hit the target at a range of 340 km with the 82 kg KGK-SİHA-30, which it fired for the first time. Regarding SSB İsmail Demir, “We continue on our way with determination. Our SİHAs are getting stronger with new ammunition test shots. For the first time, AKSUNGUR SİHA successfully hit the target at a range of 340 km with the 82 kg KGK-SİHA-30.” made his statements.

AKSUNGUR SİHA will fly with the domestic TEI-PD-170 engine

In the 11th issue of Teknopark R&D and Technology Magazine Target, TEI TUSAŞ Motor Sanayi A.Ş. General Manager and Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Important details were included in the interview with Mahmut F. Aksit.

Asked about the TEI-PD170 engine, Akşit said, “…We successfully started our TEI-PD2013 engine, which we started in 170, on January 30, 2017. After the integration works were completed by TAI, our TEI-PD2018 engine, which successfully performed its first flight with ANKA in December 170, carried out several successful test flights in the following months.

As of December 2019, we continue the mass production and deliveries of our TEI-PD13 engine, which we have produced the first batch of 170 engines.

Integration of TEI-PD170 to Aksungur platform is about to be completed by TAI, and flights with Aksungur are expected to start in the coming weeks. A total of 2021 more engines are planned to be delivered to TAI in 23 for the ANKA and Aksungur platforms.

In addition, three engines were delivered to Baykar for integration into Baykar platforms and ground tests.

Our TEI-PD95 engine, which is another important member of our piston engines group, which we developed based on the infrastructure of our TEI-PD170 engine, whose domestic rate is currently over 222 percent, continues to be developed to meet the power needs of MALE class unmanned aerial vehicles with a take-off power of 222 horsepower. ” he declared.

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