Simulator Using AR and VR Technology Produced in Turkey Attracted Great Interest

Simulator Using AR and VR Technology Produced in Turkey Attracted Great Interest
Simulator Using AR and VR Technology Produced in Turkey Attracted Great Interest

Dof Robotics' Monster Jam product, which produces game simulators using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, was showcased at the entertainment, event, park and recreation fair Atrax, after the USA. Produced from the idea of ​​'monster car', Monster Jam uses AR and VR technologies to provide players with the 'monster car' experience and excitement.

Atrax, the entertainment, event, park and recreation fair, was held at Istanbul Expo Center between 3-5 February. While both amusement park enthusiasts and potential buyers showed great interest in the fair, the most interesting product of the fair is the 'monster car' simulation called Monster Jam by Dof Robotics, which produces game simulators and cinemas using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. it happened.

Monster Jam, which made its debut in the USA for the first time, and Monster Jam, which made its second show in Istanbul with Atrax, achieved success in exporting to the USA and Greece. The simulation is expected to achieve greater export success in the near future.


Simulator Using AR and VR Technologies Produced in Turkey Aroused Intense Interest

Stating that their aim as Dof Robotics is to make excitement and entertainment accessible by using AR and VR technologies, DOF Robotics Chairman of the Board Mustafa Mertcan said, “Our products are specially designed to offer people excitement and entertainment that they cannot experience in their normal lives, using advanced AR and VR technologies. With Monster Jam, one of our designs, they can experience the excitement of driving a 'monster car' and jumping over obstacles meters high from the ground, while with Defender, they can experience a future war environment and fight aliens from their own eyes with the weapon in their hands. Moreover, thanks to our virtual reality technology, which can move in all directions and which we are constantly developing, we can enable them to experience a desert, a train of excitement or flying without leaving your location with our cinemas closest to reality. The smiles, excitement and experience of people who experience our products after landing are the biggest inspiration for us.”


Talking about Mission Space: Digital Park, which is his latest design and where players can interact with each other, Mustafa Mertcan said, “We can explain the main difference between virtual reality and augmented reality technologies and Metaverse as 'interaction'. In Metaverse technology, users can interact with each other and with the objects around them, have the same experience in the simulation, talk to each other, work for the same goal, therefore Metaverse technology is more realistic than designs prepared with AR and VR. Our Mission Space: Digital Park design, which our R&D team has been working on for a long time, will use Metaverse technology to provide players with a 30 to 40-minute space experience. In the 8-part simulation, first of all, the space adventure of humanity will be told, the players will experience leaving the Earth by rocket while wearing their space suits, then they will go on a spacewalk at the International Space Base (ISS) and eventually return to Earth. While performing all these missions, the players will interact with each other.”

In addition, Mission Space received its first award by being selected as the Star Project at the ATRAX Fair.

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