Illegal Cigarette Operations in Ankara

Illegal Cigarette Operations in Ankara
Illegal Cigarette Operations in Ankara

In three separate operations organized by the Ministry of Commerce Customs Enforcement teams against smuggled cigarette manufacturers in Ankara, a total of 6 million Turkish Liras, 5 tons of 935 kilograms of tobacco and various equipment used in packaging, as well as 823 thousand macarons were seized.

As a result of the intelligence activities carried out by the Ankara Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate within the scope of efforts to combat tobacco and tobacco products smuggling, it was learned that smuggled products would be shipped at various times by suspicious vehicles.

As a result of the investigations, suspicious vehicles were identified and followed up. As a result of the movement of vehicles under surveillance, customs guard teams also took action. Vehicles and their destination addresses were searched simultaneously.

During the searches, 750 thousand pieces of macarons used in the production of illegal cigarettes were seized in one of the suspicious vehicles; A total of 5 tons of 850 kilograms of tobacco were seized at the address where another suspicious vehicle was taken. It was determined that some of the seized illegal tobacco was in bulk and some of it was packaged in fake badrolled packages. Banderole, labels and packaging materials were also seized during the operation.

In the last operation organized by the customs enforcement teams, the intelligence information obtained about a workplace that produces rolled cigarettes was evaluated. In the research, the workplace in question was determined and action was taken for the operation. During the searches made at the suspicious address, 58 empty and 600 filled macarons and 15 kg of tobacco were seized. In addition, 85 cigarette rolling machines at the same address, as well as 3 unlicensed pistols, the accompanying magazine and bullets were also seized.

As a result of the operations in which the Customs Enforcement Teams seized smuggled products worth 6 million Turkish Liras, legal action has been initiated against 6 suspects, and investigations are continuing.

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