Izmir Metropolitan's Home Care Service Now Available in 30 Districts

Izmir Metropolitan's Home Care Service Now Available in 30 Districts

Izmir Metropolitan's Home Care Service Now Available in 30 Districts

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started to provide "home care" service in 30 districts. The expert team of Eşrefpaşa Hospital not only does wound care and dressing by going to homes, but also provides support in everything from blood analysis to prescription.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital expanded its service area. Minister Tunç SoyerIn line with the social municipality vision of .

“If necessary, he is taken from his home and brought to the hospital”

Expressing that they have accelerated their steps in order to provide better quality service to the people of İzmir who have difficulty in reaching health care services, Eşrefpaşa Hospital Deputy Chief Physician Opr. Doctor Yavuz Uçar said, “Citizens who want to benefit from home care services call our call center. Our physicians make evaluations and visit and examine the patient at the appointed time. If necessary, blood and urine analysis, if there is a bed sore, dressing is done. In cases where it is necessary to come to the hospital, consultation from specialist physicians is requested and he is taken from his home by ambulance and brought to the hospital.”

“We support not only the patient but also the family”

Expressing that the only purpose of the home health care team is not to serve the patient, Opr. Dr. Uçar said, “Patients who have been bedridden for a long time have some care needs. While providing this service, we also train the person caring for the patient and make him more conscious. We talk about how to feed the patient and how to move him. Psychological support is important not only for the patient, but also for the patient's relatives. These services are not one-off. It can be repeated if necessary.

Relatives are satisfied

Emine Güzel, who took advantage of the service, said, “My mother has been bedridden for five months, my father has Alzheimer's. We're looking at it with my sister. Our Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer and Gaziemir Municipality never spared their support, they always supported them. My father took out the feeding tube, I was so afraid that he wouldn't be able to feed. Thankfully, our doctors who came to the house intervened immediately. Home care is a benefactor for us. God bless,” he said.

“We got results without tiring and upsetting our patients”

Emphasizing that home care service is very important for them, Feyza Temiztaş said, “My mother has been suffering from Alzheimer's since 2012 and has been in need of care for two years. Thanks to the home care service, we have overcome many difficulties. We were able to get our dressings, blood and urine tests done at home. It was very difficult to move our patients around in the hospital. Therefore, home care service solved many of our problems and we were able to get through this process without upsetting our patients. We concluded the health service we needed without tiring and upsetting our patients.”

Hotline 293 80 20

You can get information about the home care service of Eşrefpaşa Hospital, which has a large team of doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, social workers, psychologists, dietitians and physiotherapists by calling 293 80 20.

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