ITU Air and Space Vehicles Design Laboratory Opened

ITU Air and Space Vehicles Design Laboratory Opened
ITU Air and Space Vehicles Design Laboratory Opened

The opening ceremony of the Air and Space Vehicles Design Laboratory, established within the ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, was attended by the General Manager of Turkish Aerospace Industries and 1983 graduate of the ITU Aeronautical Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. It took place with the participation of Temel Kotil. In the ceremony, which was held with the theme of university-industry cooperation and held online through ITU's social media accounts, Temel Kotil talked about the importance of the laboratory and the position of ITU engineers in the sector, based on his experiences.

Speaking at the opening, Turkish Aerospace Industries General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said, “Thanks to this laboratory, our engineers who will take part in our domestic and national projects will join us as trained from the university. As Turkish Aerospace Industries, we are now in the kitchen of the business. We maintain the importance of raising engineers with concrete breakthroughs. Our engineers have end-to-end engineering experience at this lab. kazanThus, they will be able to develop themselves and provide added value to large projects.” Kotil also stated that it will provide great convenience in order to ensure coordination in national projects where approximately 3 thousand engineers work. At the opening of the laboratory, where Siemens company also provides software support, the company's Industrial Software Turkey Director Alper Başer emphasized the importance of such laboratories for the development of the sector and said: The support we provide in the field of education will continue as it has been until today. In this sense, we find the contributions of our valuable engineers, especially trained by ITU, important in our industry.”

“ITU students have always contributed to the technical development of our country”

In his speech after Temel Kotil, our Rector Prof. Dr. Ismail Koyuncu; He stated that they see our students as the architects, engineers, designers and artists of the future since the first day they stepped into ITU. Emphasizing the idea of ​​opening doors of opportunity for our students, our Rector continued his speech as follows: “While we train our students to be the best of the future, of course, we always have the following idea in mind: As long as we open the way for them as a university or as alumni and create new opportunities for our students... ITU graduate; In the following periods, it will shape the future of Turkey, and will carry out works that will carry our country's vision and brand value to the top. As you know, those who contributed to the technical development of our country, especially in the Republican era, have always been ITU students and will continue to do so in the future. We know this very well. Because we have 250 years of experience and knowledge behind us.”

“One of the biggest contributions belongs to Turkish Aerospace Industries”

On the occasion of the opening of the laboratory, which strengthens the cooperation of the Turkish Aerospace Industry, one of the most valuable components of our country's aviation industry, and our University, our Rector evaluated this cooperation with these sincere words: While Turkish Aviation and Space Industry has been reducing the foreign dependency of our country in the aviation and space industry since 1973; It has been taking important steps with a domestic and national vision, especially with the works it has done in recent years. Turkish Aerospace Industries has made a great contribution by providing 20 workstations where the design programs to be used in our laboratory will be run.”

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