Free Bus and Tram Line Announcement from President Özcan

Free Bus and Tram Line Announcement from President Özcan
Free Bus and Tram Line Announcement from President Özcan

Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan, who gave the good news of free bus and tram line in the City Council, said, “People will no longer need to come to the center by car. We think that 6 people will benefit from the free line per day.”

Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan gave details about the free bus line to be implemented by Bolu Municipality for transportation and the modern nostalgic tram line that will serve on İzzet Baysal Street.


Speaking on the subject at the January 1st session of the Bolu Municipality Council, Mayor Özcan said about the route of the free bus line, “We are creating a free ring line that we promised but could not put into practice afterwards. It will start behind the Atatürk Monument, pass in front of the Courthouse, continue in front of the Governor's Office, in front of the military, and follow Cumhuriyet Caddesi. We will make the tour from the Upper Bazaar, again after the forest enterprise, to the Bahçelievler Police Station, from the corner of the 50th Year, and again to Anıt Park, we will start 3 free tours on the bus in the first place. The length of this line is around 4 kilometers. "People will no longer need to come to the center by car," he said.


Announcing that electric rubber-wheeled trams will also start to serve, Özcan said, “We are planning two, two on our main street, on this 900-meter line, there will be modern nostalgic, electric free trams like on Istiklal Street. I would like to announce this to our citizens. In this way, we think that 6 people a day will benefit from that free line. Of course, this does not bother taxi drivers and bus drivers. In my opinion, it is the right decision to be taken only in terms of preventing traffic jams on the main lines. I would like to thank my friends from the Saadet Party for reminding me”.


Stating that they want to implement the projects quickly, Özcan said, “We will make the purchase quickly and I hope we will implement it quickly. We will also implement our project about the other. Rubber wheels, electric. There is no power line from above, it has batteries. Soon, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality took it. These are nostalgically reminiscent, there are trams but they are battery operated. It has a charge time of 14 hours. We are trying to prevent vehicles from piling up in the main centre, Yukarı Çarşı.” said.

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