Benefits of Reducing Stress on Your Teeth

Benefits of Reducing Stress on Your Teeth

Benefits of Reducing Stress on Your Teeth

One of the biggest threats to your teeth is grinding. Although teeth are made for chewing and grinding food, unconscious grinding or clenching of the teeth can damage chewing surfaces over time. It can cause microcracks in the enamel, make the teeth more susceptible to decay, and even erode the cusps on the molars.

Also, teeth grinding can cause headaches, muscle pain, and jaw injury. In most cases, people with bruxism do not realize they have a problem until the dentist notices signs of bruxism on the tooth surfaces during the examination.

Here's one more reason to make a dentist visit every six months. Researchers say stress or anger can cause teeth grinding. A 2010 study found that people with sleep bruxism are more likely to have problems at work, daily life, and physical problems than people who do not grind their teeth.

Dentist Pertev K├Âkdemir advised patients with teeth grinding symptoms to find ways to relax. Going for a walk and learning to meditate can greatly help. He also recommends avoiding stressful or frustrating situations if possible. In addition, your dentist said that by making a night plaque, your teeth can reduce the damage you have done.

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