Capital's New Storymatic Ancology Attracts Great Interest From Citizens

Capital's New Storymatic Ancology Attracts Great Interest From Citizens

Capital's New Storymatic Ancology Attracts Great Interest From Citizens

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its human-oriented works without slowing down. The Department of Press and Public Relations has placed Ankaloji, called "storymatic", at Metro and ANKARAY stations in order to encourage citizens to read, to evaluate and inform their spare time on their journeys. Citizens of Başkent show great interest in Ankalogy, which includes informative written notes and short stories on many subjects from children's stories to urban history.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its efforts to provide a comfortable and safe transportation to the citizens of the capital, has also implemented a new application to encourage the citizens traveling on the rail systems to read, to evaluate their spare time and to inform them. 'Ankaloji's, called Öykümatik, started to take place at Metro and ANKARAY stations.


The "Ankalogy"s, which are placed at 7 stations in Metro and ANKARAY by the Metropolitan Municipality Press and Public Relations Department, attract great attention from the citizens.

Ankara Museums, Novel-Story, Ankara City Guide, Ankara in History, Children's Stories, Metropolitan at Work and Do You Know About Ankara? There are both Turkish and English language options in Ankalogy's with buttons.

In the first stage, the number of Ankalogy's placed at 2 points in total, 1 at the Kızılay Metro Station and 7 at the National Library, ODTÜ, Beşevler, Dikimevi and AŞTİ stations, will be increased in the coming period.


All citizens, from 7 to 70, who started to read the written educational information notes and stories they received from Ankaloji during their short travels in Metro and ANKARAY, expressed their thoughts on the new application with the following words:

-Sinem Atmaca: “Absolutely enjoyable. It's great that it appeals to all ages. I am also a literature student. It is a very good application that encourages reading.”

-Mirror Description: “I saw it for the first time in Ankara. Since I am a foreigner, it has been a very informative application for me. Liked it very much."

-Elif Merve Kose: "Liked it very much. I will read the stories on the subway and at home.”

-Ismail Kose: “We bought a story with my daughter. Very nice. We will spend our subway journey reading these stories. I think it's a great app. We would like to thank Mansur Yavaş, the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, who made this application.”

- Tarik Uysal: “The application has been very good. We thank Mansur President very much.”

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