Who is Veysel Donbaz?

Who is Veysel Donbaz
Who is Veysel Donbaz

Veysel Donbaz (Date and place of birth, 12 December 1939, Bekilli, Denizli) is a Turkish asurologist and sumerologist. Today, he is known as one of the rare people who can speak the dead languages ​​Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Hittite. He is also known as a cartoonist.


Veysel Donbaz was born in the Bekilli district of Denizli. After completing his primary and secondary education, he enrolled in the Sumerology Department of the Faculty of Language, History and Geography of Ankara University in 1958 with a scholarship. He completed his education in 1962 as the only student of the department and was assigned to the Istanbul Archeology Museum.

Veysel Donbaz graduated from Ankara University, Department of Sumerology in 1962 as the only student in the department. During his teaching, he worked with Kemal Balkan, Emin Bilgiç, who is famous for his Sumerology and Akkad studies, and Sedat Alp, who is an expert in Hittitology. Shortly after graduating, he started working at the Istanbul Archeology Museum. He became chief expert in 1972 and retired there in 2004.

He brought back 9.000 tablets that were taken from Turkey to other countries.

Various works

  • Middle Assyria Texts From Assur at the Museum of Ancient Orient in Istanbul Harrassowitz Verlag Wiesbaden 2016
  • Neo-Assyrian legal texts in Istanbul, Saarbrücken 2001 –
  • Istanbul Murasu texts,
  • Royal Inscriptions on Clay Cones from Ashur now in Istanbul, Toronto 1984
  • Veysel Donbaz, A Thousand Kings, A Thousand Memoirs, Memoirs of a Sumerologist 2014,

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