President Soyer Award for Combating Climate Crisis

President Soyer Award for Combating Climate Crisis
President Soyer Award for Combating Climate Crisis

İz Newspaper's “Those Who Leave a Trace” with the theme of “Combating the Climate Crisis” were given. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who received an award for his efforts to combat the climate crisis Tunç Soyer “I hope that the steps we take for a life in harmony with nature in İzmir will inspire our country and the world,” he said.

The 6th Anniversary of İz Newspaper was celebrated at the Historical Coal Gas Factory with the newspaper's traditional “Those Who Leave A Mark” award ceremony. The awards given with the theme of "Combating the Climate Crisis" this year, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerIt was given to CHP İzmir Deputy, TBMM Environment Commission Member Murat Minister, Evrensel Newspaper İzmir Representative Özer Akdemir, lawyer Özlem Altıparmak and attorney Cem Altıparmak couple, and his son Ulaş Lokumcu on behalf of the late Metin Lokumcu, one of the symbols of the environmental struggle in the Black Sea.

The ceremony brought together many names from the press, politics, art and business world in İzmir. İz Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Ümit Kartal said that they will continue on their journey with a young team without compromising the professional principles of the press. Speaking at the ceremony, İzmir Journalists Association President Dilek Gappi also drew attention to the importance of press freedom and the local press in the process we live in.

“We will determine the end of the era”

President, who was deemed worthy of the 2021 Leavers of Trace award for his work against climate change Tunç Soyer“We live in an age where establishing a civilization in harmony with nature has become the most fundamental issue of humanity. We will determine the end of this era. Either we will continue to live with all living things in nature with the climate revolution or we will watch our planet return to the place of fire. Our planet is our common destiny. This is where billions of the same sentences are spoken at the same time and turned into one story. It matters a lot what sentences each of us uses. Are we making sentences of our common story or our own ambition? This will determine the future of our planet. This devastated state of our planet tells us very clearly that people cannot bear to hear their insatiable words. That's why we started by making other sentences in İzmir. We say another agriculture is possible. Because water and biodiversity are the things that are missing the most in our age facing the climate crisis. The reason for both is wrong agricultural policies,” he said.

“I wish the steps we took in İzmir to inspire the world”

Reminding that they have experienced every disaster in İzmir since taking office, Mayor Soyer said, “We have learned a lot. What we see most fundamentally is that the only way to be resilient is to be in solidarity. Being with nature, not just with each other. To move İzmir forward with its nature. Humanity is preparing to make the climate revolution. Neither politics, trade, tourism nor agriculture are free from the fight against the climate crisis. As the mayor of Izmir, our main focus is; To leave an Izmir that brings the enormous diversity of nature with a high quality of life to future generations. We invest in permanent solutions that are common in the fight against the climate crisis. I hope that the steps we take for a life in harmony with nature in İzmir will inspire our country and the world. We will definitely win,” he said.

Minister: "We will continue the fight"

CHP İzmir Deputy Murat Minister drew attention to the struggle for nature in his speech after receiving his award. Murat Minister said, “Izmir is a city that acts as a role model against the climate crisis in Turkey. The struggle will rise from here. If the mineral is not going to hurt a tree leaf, it should be removed. The power may not have a problem with our rivers, mountains, seas, protecting them. It's our job. We will continue to fight," he said.

Lokumcu's son and grandson on stage

To receive Metin Lokumcu's award, his son Ulaş Lokumcu took the stage with his daughter. Recalling his father's struggle against HEPPs, Lokumcu said, "We have to fight for the future of our children."

The İzmir Representative of Evrensel Newspaper, Özer Akdemir, attorney Özlem Altıparmak and attorney Cem Altıparmak couple were among the award recipients.

2020 awards were also given

At the ceremony, the 2020 awards, which could not be given last year due to pandemic restrictions, were also distributed. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department was deemed worthy of an award for its search and rescue efforts in the October 30 earthquake. İsmail Derse, Head of Fire Brigade, received the award with his colleagues. The award given to the Izmir Medical Chamber on behalf of all health workers who worked hard in the Kovid-19 epidemic was also given to the President of the Medical Chamber, Dr. Lütfi Çamlı accepted the award with the members of the board of directors. World Record Holder National Swimmer Emre Sakçı from Izmir also received his award amid applause. Former CHP İzmir Deputy Zeynep Altıok Akatlı received the award on behalf of the Let's Revive Solidarity Broadcasting Committee, which organized the 7-hour social media live broadcast by İz Newspaper in support of the “We are here” campaign initiated by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

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