Neglect in Ankara YHT Accident Revealed After 3 Years

Neglect in Ankara YHT Accident Revealed After 3 Years
Neglect in Ankara YHT Accident Revealed After 3 Years

📩 19/01/2022 10:57

New information has emerged showing the negligence of the TCDD administration in the high-speed train accident in which 9 people died in Ankara. Accordingly, the speed limit of the train, which was 50 kilometers, was increased to 4 kilometers 110 days before the accident.

A new piece of evidence, revealing the negligence of TCDD, has been included in the case file regarding the high-speed train accident in which 4 people lost their lives in Ankara 9 years ago. The experts who examined the black box of the train determined that the train accelerated to 120 kilometers before the accident. Whereas, according to the European Train Control System (ETCS), the train had to make a maximum speed of 50 km on the line where the accident occurred. It turned out that TCDD changed the speed limits 4 days before the accident, increasing the maximum speed to 110 kilometers.

Alican Uludağ from Deutsche Welle Turkish to the news the blog; In the case of the YHT accident on 13 December 2018, the expert examination on the black box of the train was completed. In the report, which entered the file of the case at the Ankara 30th High Criminal Court, it was stated that the train driver opened the train at 06.15 and entered the train information into the European Train Control System (ETCS).

In the report, which was recorded in the report that the mechanic then started the ETCS system in the "engineer responsible" mode, it was explained that although the maximum speed limit given in this mode is 50 km according to the European Train Control System, the machinist increased the speed limit to 06.17 km at 120.

50 km/h instead of 120 km/h

According to the report, the mechanic, who was traveling at 117 km and entered the wrong line, activated the emergency brake when he saw the oncoming guide train at 06.36:10. Although the speed of the train decreased to 87 km in XNUMX seconds, this situation could not prevent it from colliding with the guide train. The speed information of the train is also cut here.

TCDD changed the speed limit

It was understood that behind the mechanic who lost his life in the accident, increasing the speed limit to 120 km was an order issued by TCDD 4 days before the accident. With the new train schedule dated December 9, 2018, the speed limit that YHTs can go from Ankara Station to Eryaman YHT Station was 110 km. Drivers started to use trains according to this schedule. According to the European Train Control System, high-speed trains were supposed to travel from Eryaman Station at a speed of 50 km. Only 4 days after this order, on 13 December 2018, an accident occurred at Marşandiz station, in which 9 people died.

Negligence of TCDD management

YHT, which makes the Ankara-Konya voyage, entered the wrong train line on 13 December 2018 when it came to Marşandiz Station and collided with the guide train coming from the opposite road. As a result of the accident, a total of 3 people, including 9 mechanics, lost their lives and 107 people were injured. After the incident, many negligences related to the accident were detected. Accordingly, the train line where the accident took place was put into service before the local elections, before the signaling system was installed. Since there was no signaling, the arrangement of the scissors was done by hand. It was revealed that the switchman, who was accused in the case, was also assigned to Ankara without adequate training.

On the other hand, the maneuvering plans of the trains were changed by TCDD 4 days before the accident. While maneuvering was carried out to the east of Ankara Station until that date, maneuvers were taken from east to west as of 9 December 2018.

A lawsuit was filed against 10 people, including some low-level TCDD executives, regarding the accident. TCDD General Manager of the period found defective in the expert report İsa ApaydınThe Ministry of Transport did not give permission to investigate the next General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun and his assistant İsmail Çağlar. The case is still in progress at the Ankara 30th High Criminal Court.

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