No Need to Count Calories to Lose Weight

No Need to Count Calories to Lose Weight
No Need to Count Calories to Lose Weight

25 million people in Turkey and more than 2 billion 300 thousand people in the world are overweight. Obesity is accepted as a global public health problem and invites many diseases such as Hashimoto, cardiovascular, diabetes and hypertension. Nutritionist and Dietitian Pınar Demirkaya says that there is no need to count calories to lose weight. Demirkaya offers five suggestions, including the consumption of black cabbage, radish and turnip, which are called super foods, as well as choosing low glycemic index foods such as eggplant and broccoli.

While being overweight threatens healthy life, it also negatively affects the course of many diseases. However, various foods that can be consumed, from super foods to low glycemic index foods, can prevent overweight and contribute to a healthy life. Nutrition Specialist and Dietician Pınar Demirkaya says that diseases such as Hashimoto's Disease, hypertension and insulin resistance can be regressed with appropriate nutrition therapy. Demirkaya, who states that there is no need to count calories to lose weight, lists his recommendations on the subject.

Losing weight fast is not healthy.

It is important for people to get to know their bodies and to get an idea about their body's working system. Therefore, the logic of nutrition should be learned and turned into a lifestyle. Thus, when the process is completed, people get rid of their excess weight and have a strong immune system. It should not be forgotten that losing weight fast or dieting without strengthening the immune system is not beneficial for health. You can add oats, eggs, avocado and ginger to your diet list for strong immunity while dieting.

Chocolate getaway won't break the diet

It is a fact that has been observed for years that one of the most common reasons for quitting the diet is to miss the end of the rope even more by saying "I made a cheat and everything broke down". When a few pieces of undesirable food are consumed, this does not mean that the diet is disrupted and that the person's weight loss process will be adversely affected. This is where sustainable success comes into play. A few pieces of chocolate or a little fermented drink do not harm the diet.

Superfoods boost metabolism

Everyone's metabolism works differently. Many features such as age, movement, stress, body mass, sleep pattern and gender play an active role in this regard. Therefore, since diets that calculate calories can give wrong results, it is necessary to determine the most suitable nutrition style for the body. But including superfoods such as kale, turnips, radishes, tomatoes and nuts in the diet is important to boost metabolism.

Foods high in fiber

Ideal weight is the weight at which a person feels best. Living unhealthy for the sake of reaching a zero size opens the door to many ailments. In addition, diet meals can be made delicious. These dishes, prepared with practical recipes, consist of foods found in every home. You can add low glycemic index and fiber-rich plant foods such as cauliflower, zucchini, eggplant, broccoli, bulgur to the diet plan.

Probiotic and prebiotic

Prebiotics found in foods such as whole grains, leeks, flax seeds and apples can be added to the diet, as well as probiotics found in foods such as fermented cheeses, milk, kefir and buttermilk. The nutritional model is determined after the analyzes to be made. Elimination diet can be applied when appropriate. In this model, certain foods are removed from the diet and added one by one to find out which triggers symptoms.

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