İzmir's Cycling Projects Award Kazanoutside

İzmir's Cycling Projects Award Kazanoutside
İzmir's Cycling Projects Award Kazanoutside

In line with the goal of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer to reduce carbon emissions in the city and to use the bicycle as a means of transportation, another award came to İzmir, which has undergone a great transformation in bicycle transportation. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was deemed worthy of an award in the category of "Carbon Management" with its project titled "Promoting Bicycle Transport and Improving Bicycle Infrastructure" at the Sustainable Business Awards Competition.

Adopting an environmentally friendly, economical and sustainable transportation policy against the global climate crisis, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has implemented many infrastructure, application and incentive projects in order to reduce motorized transportation and increase bicycle and pedestrian transportation in the last two and a half years. Under the leadership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, who often prefers bicycles for urban transportation instead of service vehicles, and encourages the citizens of Izmir to use bicycles, many studies have been carried out for the use of bicycles for transportation in the city. Selected as the leading city in WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities' EU-supported "Let's Cycling Turkey" project in 2020, and in the "Healthy Cities Best Practice Contest" held for the 11th time last year by the Healthy Cities Association, "Social Distance and Distancing in Izmir" in the category of Healthy City Planning. Award with the “Bicycle Paths” project kazanAn Metropolitan Municipality has crowned its exemplary work in this field with a new award. At the Sustainable Business Awards Competition organized by the Sustainability Academy, the project of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality titled "Promoting Bicycle Transport and Developing Bicycle Infrastructure" was awarded in the "Carbon Management" category.

Awards were distributed in 15 categories.

At the Sustainable Business Awards, organized for the 8th time this year by the Sustainability Academy to share role models for the business world by emphasizing the business models and projects that have significant impacts on social, economic and environmental issues and protect the common future, a 48-member jury made up of academics made it to the finals in 15 categories. identified the remaining projects. Institutions and organizations, companies, "Carbon Management", "Energy Management", "Water Management", "Waste Management", "Circular Plastics Management", "Supply Chain Management", "Sustainable Innovation", "Diversity and Inclusion", " It competed in the categories of “Social Impact”, “Collaboration”, “Sustainability Communication”, “Women Empowerment”, “Employee Participation”, “Sustainable Business Reporting” and “Startup of the Year”. Selected projects found their owners with an online award ceremony.

Net zero carbon target by 2050 in the “Bike Friendly City”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, participating in the "Cities Race to Zero" program, in line with the vision of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer to build a city and a world that is compatible with nature, resilient, high in welfare, protecting its biological diversity, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality aims for zero carbon emissions. In this direction, bicycle transportation is encouraged in the city, where many exemplary practices for local governments are implemented. Citizens using bicycles benefit from sea transportation for 2050 cents, bicycle paths are expanding, the number of stations of the rental bicycle system BISIM is increasing day by day. Tandem bicycles and children's bicycles are included in the system, free repair stations are established for cyclists, and bicycles are integrated into public transportation.

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