Portugal-Lisbon Business Program from Young MUSIAD

Portugal-Lisbon Business Program from Young MUSIAD
Portugal-Lisbon Business Program from Young MUSIAD

📩 06/12/2021 11:58

The business program, in which information on commercial relations between Portugal and Turkey, commercial opportunities and investment proposals was given to our participants, was held with the participation of the Young MUSIAD delegation. In the program held between 24-27 November 2021, the information of important opportunities between the two countries was conveyed to the participants by the Ambassador, Commercial Counselor.

On the first day of the program, which was held under the chairmanship of Genç MUSIAD Yunus Furkan Akbal on 24-28 November 2021, an analysis presentation on investment and exports was made by Lisbon Commercial Counselor Ms. Gülsüm Aktaş. Ms. Aktaş and our delegation from Turkey, Ms. Lale Ülker, our Portuguese Ambassador, visited. He made a presentation in which information about commercial relations between Portugal and Turkey, business opportunities and investment proposals for our participants was given. After the presentation, which attracted the attention of the participant committee, one-on-one meetings were held with Mr. Ülker and important recommendations were received from them.

During his visit to the Lisbon Chamber of Commerce, the heart of Portuguese trade, Genç MUSIAD, which consulted with the Vice President of the Lisbon Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Jorge Pais, in order to develop joint projects, had agreed meetings to increase the trade volume between the two countries. We had the opportunity to examine the Yilport Port, which is a Turkish investment and one of the firsts in Europe with full automation logistics services, on site. The company, which undertakes the logistics operation of 700.000 tons of products annually, draws attention as one of the largest foreign investments in the country. On the third day of the business program, business and investment opportunities in Coimbra, one of Portugal's important trade destinations, were evaluated with Mr. The kindness of the esteemed president, who gave the opportunity to make presentations about the companies and exports of our delegation from Turkey, has been one of the best examples of the mutual respect and love between the people of the two countries.

And within the framework of the program, a visit was made to the incubation center of IPN (INSTITUTO PEDRO NUNES), one of Portugal's most important entrepreneurial ecosystems. In the facility where 6 of 3 Unicorns in Portugal were established, consultations were held for the export of software domain services from Turkey. The delegation, participating in the extremely intense and productive work program, will take steps to embody the network connections they have obtained.

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