ASELSAN's Corporate Governance Rating Raised to 9,35

ASELSAN's Corporate Governance Rating Raised to 9,35
ASELSAN's Corporate Governance Rating Raised to 9,35

ASELSAN increased its rating from 10 out of 9,29 last year to 9,35 this year, in the evaluation made by an independent rating company based on the corporate governance principles of the Capital Markets Board.

ASELSAN, which started its Corporate Governance Rating journey in 2012 with the second best starting score, has moved its rating further every year.

The notes received are that ASELSAN has largely complied with the CMB Corporate Governance Principles, implemented the necessary policies and measures, established and operated the management and internal control mechanisms effectively, most of the corporate governance risks were identified and actively managed, and the rights of shareholders and stakeholders were fairly fair. states that public disclosure and transparency activities are at the highest level, and that the structure and functioning of the board of directors are in the best practice category.

ASELSAN, the world's 48th largest defense industry company, stands out from the stock market in general, with its profitable growth accelerating every year and the importance it attaches to corporate governance and sustainability.

Founded in 1975, ASELSAN, with its knowledge and experience from its past, besides defense technologies such as communication and information technologies, radar, electronic warfare, electro-optics, avionics, unmanned systems, weapon systems, air defense and missile systems; continues its activities as a technology company that develops and produces unique products in civilian areas such as energy, transportation, security, traffic, automation and medical systems.

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