Sectors Seeking Most Employees in Ankara

Sectors seeking the most personnel in Ankara
Sectors seeking the most personnel in Ankara

Turkey's employment resource, where companies find the employees they are looking for and job seekers finding the job they are looking for, announced the sectors with the highest number of job applications in Ankara, as well as the sectors seeking the highest number of personnel. According to data, the education sector ranks first with 8.9% among the sectors seeking the most personnel in Ankara, followed by defense/security with 8.2%, construction with 6.8%, food with 5.4% and electricity with 4.8%, respectively. followed by electronics.

Education sector ranks first in job applications

According to data, the sector with the highest number of job applications in Ankara was reflected in the statistics as the education sector. In Ankara, 13.9% of job applications were made to the education sector, while the other applications were made to 12% defense/security, 6% construction, 4.6% food, 3.7% health/hospital, 3.4% computer/information technologies/internet.

33.6% of job seekers in Ankara have a bachelor's degree

According to data, 51.5% of the individuals looking for a job in Ankara are male and 48.5% are female candidates. While 33.6% of the job seekers are undergraduate graduates, 35% are high school graduates, 16.5% associate degree students, 11.4% primary school graduates and 3.2% postgraduate degrees.

16% of current employees are looking for a job

According to's data, the rate of currently employed among job applicants is 16%, while the rate of individuals who are not working and looking for a job is 69,8%. These statistics were followed by students with 8.75% and retired individuals with 2.5%.

Most job seekers are in the 26-30 age group

Considering the statistics of Ankara, it is striking that the 27.3-26 age group is in search of a job with 30%, while the 22.6-31 age group is in the second place with 35%, and the 17.4-20 age group is in the third place with 25%. The job search rate of the 51 and over age group was 6%.

Most companies in the construction industry

According to the data, while the number of CVs created in Ankara is 445.292, 20.159 companies became members of to find the employee they were looking for. When the sectors of the companies that are looking for employees are analyzed, it is reflected in the statistics that the most companies in Ankara are in the construction sector. While the rate of companies in the construction sector was 10.5%, the construction sector was followed by education with 5.6%, food with 5.4%, electricity and electronics with 5.3% and manufacturing with 4.9%. Considering the number of employees of the companies looking for employees, 39% of them are between 11-25, 28.5% of them 1-5, 14.9% of them 6-10, 9.4% of them between 26-50 and 4.4% of them between 51-100. employee was found.

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