Dearsan First Member of SİDA Family Will Reach Blue Vatan Soon

Dearsan First Member of SİDA Family Will Reach Blue Vatan Soon
Dearsan First Member of SİDA Family Will Reach Blue Vatan Soon

The first member of the Armed Unmanned Marine Vehicle family developed by Dearsan will soon have the Blue Vatan. Dearsan announced that the new SİDA (Armed Unmanned Marine Vehicle) project is nearing the end. In the statement made: “As Dearsan, the Armed Unmanned Marine Vehicle (SİDA), for which we have completed the design work within our company, returns to the blue waters where it belongs in a very short time.” statements were included.

With this development, after the partnership of METEKSAN-ARES Shipyard and ASELSAN-Sefine Shipyard, Dearsan will be positioned as the 3rd company working on Armed Unmanned Marine Vehicles in Turkey.

Regarding the speed of SİDA, it was stated that "it can reach a speed of up to 60 knots according to the end user demand". Dearsan announced that the SIDAs it designed can be deployed on warships and can be remotely controlled from mobile vehicles, headquarters, command centers and floating platforms.

In the statement made on the mission concept: “The SİDA family, which will serve in missions such as reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence, surface warfare, asymmetric warfare, armed escort and strategic facility security, and has full autonomy, has the 15-meter class Reconnaissance-Surveillance (USV 15) and 2 There are 11 different SİDAs with different configurations, 3 meters class SİDA, which is designed in different configurations.” statements were included.

According to the statement, it was stated that 15 mm Remote Controlled Stabilized Machine Gun and Guided Missile Systems (CİRİT 12.7mm Laser Guided Missile, L-UMTAS Laser Guided Long Range Anti-Tank Missile…) will be used as weapon systems in the 70-meter armed configuration. may vary accordingly).

Source: defenceturk

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