Vestel Karayel-SU Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Hungary

Vestel Karayel SU Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Hungary
Vestel Karayel SU Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Hungary

According to the images shared by the Hungarian news portal LHSN.HU, the Karayel-SU armed unmanned aerial vehicle (SİHA) developed and produced by Vestel Defense in Turkey was spotted at a military base in Hungary.

Karayel-SU, seen at Papa Air Base in western Hungary, made a demonstration flight to a delegation at the base. Within the scope of Hungary, Defense and Force Development Program, the SİHA procurement program continues.

Hungarian sources think that KARAYEL-SU has not been supplied yet and pre-procurement testing activities are carried out. The electro-optical camera payload in KARAYEL-SU, seen on the runway, looks like Hensoldt's ARGOS II product. ARGOS II, a quality/successful product used by Vestel before the embargo, stands out as a more affordable option in the Mx-15 product, which Canada has imposed an embargo on.

Hungarian Ambassador Viktor Mátis said in June: “Negotiations are continuing in all respects. It's not just about UAV / SİHA. Our eyes are on all products of the Turkish defense industry. We evaluate and are always ready to choose the most suitable one.” had made the statement. Gáspár Maróth, the commissioner of the Hungarian government in charge of defense development, stated that Hungary, which has been following the unmanned aerial vehicle market since 2017, is in negotiations with some Turkish companies in this context, and that they have sent their experts to Turkey to test the UAVs.


Karayel-SU is a tactical armed UAV system produced by Vestel for reconnaissance, surveillance and target destruction via Karayel tactical UAV. Thanks to the aluminum mesh on the aircraft composite structure, it has lightning protection feature.

Vestel Karayel was previously used on lease by the Turkish Armed Forces. If Vestel Karayel, which was then exported to Saudi Arabia, is exported, Turkey will export SİHAs to a NATO country for the second time.

Engine: 1×97 HP (Ex. Level)
Wingspan: 13 m
Total Length: 6,5m
Propeller: 1,45 m diameter
Max Takeoff Weight: 630 kg
Payload Capacity: 170 kg

Source: defenceturk

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