Benefits of Nose Aesthetics from a Specialist

Benefits of Nose Aesthetics from a Specialist
Benefits of Nose Aesthetics from a Specialist

Stating that rhinoplasty surgery has multiple benefits in terms of health, Operator Dr. Erkan Uygur said, “It is possible to achieve positive results not only in terms of aesthetic appearance but also in terms of health when the correct procedure is performed in rhinoplasty.”

Operator Erkan Uygur explains that the quality of life of patients increases in rhinoplasty operations with the following words: “In rhinoplasty operations, changes are made in both the inner and outer appearance of the nose. With a correct operation planning, the quality of life of the patient increases.”

Operator Erkan Uygur listed 8 health benefits of rhinoplasty. Expressing that he will provide comfortable breathing after rhinoplasty, Dr. Uygur said, “The most important benefit of rhinoplasty operations is to enable the patient to breathe comfortably. After the operation, the air passing through the nose becomes the most suitable consistency for the lungs. In this case, it also brings about comfortable and healthy breathing.

Emphasizing that rhinoplasty will improve the sense of smell, Uygur said, “Airflow is provided with nose surgery. Performing the functions of the nose in the most ideal way also improves your sense of smell. The operation has a significant effect on the sense of smell. In addition, rhinoplasty also reduces upper respiratory tract infections. In case of nasal congestion and not breathing comfortably, the patient breathes through the mouth. Mouth breathing negatively affects the ears. After nose surgery, the inner part of the nose improves and the rate of upper respiratory tract infections decreases.

Continuing to count the benefits of rhinoplasty, Dr. Uygur said, “Nose aesthetics also has an effect on improving voice and speech. Nasal congestion is caused by what is known as nasal speech. The person wakes up with the feeling of having difficulty speaking, and the vocal cords become irritated due to the inability to wet the air sufficiently from the mouth. After rhinoplasty, this situation disappears” and explained how the operation had an effect on the improvement of speech.

Explaining the effect of rhinoplasty on snoring, which is an important problem especially for married people, "Due to comfortable breathing, the patient's snoring decreases and sleep quality increases". Uygur said, “The quality of life increases thanks to good sleep. Quality sleep is essential for both our mental and physical health. People who cannot breathe easily wake up frequently during sleep. This causes the quality of sleep to deteriorate. With the disappearance of breathing problems after the operation, the quality of life increases due to the increase in the sleep quality of the patient," he said, adding that rhinoplasty increases the sleep quality.

Emphasizing that rhinoplasty will also make an extraordinary contribution to physical activities, Dr. Erkan Uygur, “During the physical performance, breathing that cannot be taken correctly causes fatigue quickly. With comfortable breathing, the exercises become easier and the exercise is efficient. And most importantly, it eliminates the self-confidence problem of people. Confidence problems due to a crooked nose disappear and one feels more successful in social life.

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