Cryptocurrency Investors in Turkey Increased 1 Times in 11 Year

Cryptocurrency Investors in Turkey Increased 1 Times in 11 Year
Cryptocurrency Investors in Turkey Increased 1 Times in 11 Year

In Turkey, the satisfaction rate remained moderate in the face of an 1-fold increase in crypto money investors in 11 year. Cryptocurrency Specialist Mustafa Küçükakarsu said, “The way to increase satisfaction with investments is through getting a good education. It is possible to become cryptocurrency literate and make more profitable trades by acquiring technical analysis skills!” said.

The rapid rise in the crypto money market, which has reached a size of $ 2,7 trillion in the world, has also affected Turkey. According to the Cryptocurrency Awareness and Perception Research conducted by Akademetre, the rate of people transacting with cryptocurrencies in Turkey increased 2021 times in 11. In the research, in which satisfaction rates were also measured, it was observed that despite the rapid increase in the number of investors, the satisfaction remained at 72%. Those who were satisfied with their crypto investments pointed to profitability with 41,3%. Evaluating the research study, Crypto Money Specialist Mustafa Küçükakarsu said, “Despite the high increase in the rate of those who trade with cryptocurrencies in Turkey, transactions that are not done consciously reveal themselves with low satisfaction levels. To be successful in this type of investment requires cryptocurrency literacy, which is not possible with a few hours of training. The way to make the right investments in crypto money exchanges is to acquire all the necessary equipment with a comprehensive education.”

Cryptocurrency literacy is the way to avoid victims

Noting that many platforms have entered the market in the face of the interest in cryptocurrencies in Turkey, which increases the grievances, Crypto Money Expert Mustafa Küçükakarsu said, “It is necessary to make a conscious investment in order to prevent the grievances that occur. According to the Cryptocurrency Research Report prepared by the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK), there are over 2 million 400 thousand crypto money investors in Turkey. While the number of investors is increasing rapidly, market-specific working principles are ignored. The fact that the cryptocurrency market is traded 365 hours a day, 24 days a year, gives it a different working principle than other markets. The use of standard technical analysis methods in transactions makes it difficult to get healthy results.

In the trainings, the participants get acquainted with the stock market movements beyond their control.

Stating that the dynamics of crypto money markets should be explained by supporting them with various presentations and videos, Mustafa Küçükakarsu said, “We introduce the participants to the dynamics of this world in the Bitcoin and Crypto Money Expertise training we offer as In our one-month training, where we explain technical analysis methods in detail for the least risk and maximum profit, we equip the participants with all the necessary equipment to invest in cryptocurrency exchanges. By introducing participants to stock market movements beyond their control, we specialize in the precautions they should take. Thus, they can learn to analyze by following the current graphics easily.

“Manage your investment, not platforms!”

Mustafa Küçükakarsu, who pointed out that technical analysis used in cryptocurrencies has high mathematics knowledge, statistical methods and investor psychology, said, “It is necessary to proceed through various examples with an approach that examines artificial intelligence-based technical analysis methods in depth with trainings. It is possible for investments to be managed by investors, not platforms, with trainings that guide in this regard. Otherwise, the grievances will increase gradually,” he said.

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