Toyota Automotive Industry Produced Its 3 Millionth Vehicle in Turkey

Toyota Automotive Industry Manufactured Its Millionth Vehicle in Turkey
Toyota Automotive Industry Manufactured Its Millionth Vehicle in Turkey

Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey, one of the leading companies in the Turkish automotive industry, has released the C-HR model, the 1994 millionth vehicle it has produced since 3.

Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey, which continues to provide added value with its employment of 5500 people and exports of 3.6 billion dollars, carries out the production of 2 models, Toyota C-HR and Corolla, on the same line in its production facilities in Sakarya Arifiye. Exporting 90 percent of its production to more than 150 countries in the world, Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey plans to produce 2021 thousand vehicles for 230 and export 187 thousand of them. Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey, which has the highest production capacity among its production facilities in Europe in the 50th anniversary of Toyota's start of production in Europe, is also the factory that produces the first Toyota New Global Platform (TNGA) model outside of Japan with the C-HR.

Stating that they are happy to reach a new milestone, Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey General Manager and CEO Toshihiko Kudo said, “The hybrid Toyota C-HR, which was produced, rolled off the line and will be shipped to its buyer in England, has become our 3 millionth vehicle. The Toyota C-HR is the most important milestone in our company's 31-year history. At the point where the process that started with the Toyota C-HR in 2016 has reached today, 82 percent of the total C-HR production is our hybrid vehicles. With regard to climate change, which is one of the most important problems facing the world today, we aim to contribute to a better future with our environmental hybrid models we produce and our work that we harmonize with sustainable development goals in our business functions."

Underlining that Toyota Automotive Industry is seen as one of the best factories with its quality level in the eyes of global Toyota, Kudo noted that they will continue to create added value for the Turkish economy as always.

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