Crowned Beauties Walked on the Runway at Emelya Moda Evi's City-i Sultan Fashion Show

Tacli Beauties Walked on the Runway at Emelya Moda Evi Sehr i Sultan Fashion Show
Tacli Beauties Walked on the Runway at Emelya Moda Evi Sehr i Sultan Fashion Show

Bursa Fashion WEEK-4 2021 has left its mark on the fashion world with its fashion shows and shows in Bursa, the City of Textiles. Emelya Houte couture Panorama Raising the Historical Value of the City with its “ŞEHR-İ SULTAN” Concept Fashion Show took place in 1326 Bursa Conquest Museum Amphitheater. Each design of the Emelya ŞEHR-İ SULTAN fashion show, consisting of 35 pieces, combined with Motif melodies and textures of the Ottoman Era, magnificence and elegance together. met. Emelya Fashion Show, which was integrated with the historical texture of the museum, was evaluated by Modacı Yaşariye Doğan as follows. After visiting Panorama 1326 Bursa Conquest Museum, I dreamed of presenting a fashion show with this concept. I believed that the fascinating atmosphere of the place would only integrate with the Term Fashion Show. the work is very fascinating, and our Mr. President and Cultural Director Mr. We are very happy that Gülşah Cebeli opened their doors to this magnificent show for us. With the address of Osmangazi for the beginning of the fashion show, Bursa Ahmet Vefik Paşa Theater Artist Mr. Performed by Akif Oktay. The Emelya Fashion Show, whose choreography was presented with the famous choreographer Asil Çağıl and the model staff consisting of crowned beauties, fascinated the audience.

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