Certification of National TEI TS1400 Engine Will Be Completed Before 2023

Certification of National TEI TS1400 Engine Will Be Completed Before 2023
Certification of National TEI TS1400 Engine Will Be Completed Before 2023

TEI General Manager Prof. Dr. Mahmut Faruk Akşit gave information about TEI's ongoing aviation engine projects in the Cause and Effect program of A Haber. Answering the questions of the presenter Melih Altınok, Akşit also touched upon the design techniques and manufacturing processes used on the engines brought to the studio.

Making statements on the TS1400 Turboshaft engine, Turkey's first national helicopter engine, Akşit stated that the maturation and certification processes of the engine continue and underlined that the certification is a feverish process since the engine is a vehicle to carry a person. He replied that he made an effort.

Regarding the use of TS1400 for the T129 ATAK attack helicopter, although the engine can be used in its current state due to its power class (the CTS-129 engines used in the T800 ATAK can produce 1375 shp), it will have a limiting effect unless some features such as ballistic protection available in military engines are added. mentioned.

Talking about the performance values ​​of the PD-170 Turbodiesel Aviation Engine, Akşit explained that the engine can lift 1.5-2 tons class aircraft and lift 2-ton aircraft to an altitude of 40000 ft. He added that negotiations for the price continue with a number of countries for the export of PD-170. In an interview with TÜGVA Istanbul in January 2021, Mahmut Faruk Akşit said; He stated that Pakistan, Malaysia and the USA showed interest in the PD-170.

The PD-170, which is currently used in TUSAŞ ANKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, will also be used in Bayraktar TB-3 and Akıncı (Akıncı-C version), which will make their first flights in the near future with different configurations.

Providing information about the TJ-300 Turbojet engine in the ROKETSAN OMGS (Medium Range Anti-Ship) missile, Akşit mentioned that since the TJ-300 will be a missile engine, it is designed to be as cheap and with less parts as possible. He stated that for the latest situation in the project, they are in talks with ROKETSAN about the price. He added that although the engine was developed for a ROKETSAN project, it could also be used by TUBITAK SAGE.

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