EGO Explained Kızılay Dikmen Metro Line Project to Çankaya Headmen

EGO Explained Kızılay Dikmen Metro Line Project to Çankaya Headmen

EGO Explained Kızılay Dikmen Metro Line Project to Çankaya Headmen

In line with the participatory municipality approach, EGO General Directorate came together with Çankaya regional headmen and district associations and held an information meeting about the "Kızılay-Dikmen Metro Line Project". During the meeting chaired by EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş and exchanged views, the economic feasibility of the line, passenger capacity, the contribution of the investment to urban integration and whether it is included in the Ministry of Transport's projects were discussed.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to expand the rail systems network in Başkent without slowing down.

EGO General Directorate, which attaches importance to 'common mind' in the direction of participatory municipalism in city management, explained the "Kızılay-Dikmen Metro Line Project" to the representatives of Çankaya district regional headmen and district associations.


At the evaluation meeting held at the Metropolitan Municipality Conference Hall; EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, who also met with city planners, scientists and representatives of professional chambers, gave important information about the project.

Alkaş gave information about the economic feasibility of the Kızılay-Dikmen Metro Line, the passenger capacity, the contribution of the investment to the urban integration and the project details of whether it is included in the projects of the Ministry of Transport, and said:

“Within the framework of the rational use of limited resources, we will hold consultation meetings on Dikmen Metro in order to use our municipality's resources efficiently and to make the right investment decisions. We made a start today and this process will continue. We will take into account the opinions and suggestions of the muhtars, we will keep in touch with city planners, scientists and professional chambers and inform them in the form of questions and answers. As EGO General Directorate, we do not see transportation as just transportation. With transportation, we restructure and socialize the sociological infrastructure, macro form and zoning status values ​​of the region. Everything is for our citizens of Ankara, for our Ankara. Our mission is to bring Ankara to the level it deserves. We will do this together with a common mind, by consulting together as we do today.”


The headmen of the Çankaya region expressed their thoughts on the Dikimevi-Kızılay Metro Project with the following words:

Sibel Kılıç (Mukhtar of Akpınar Neighborhood): “I was very excited when I heard about this project. In Dikmen, the population is very crowded and we are experiencing difficulties in transportation. The metro line will benefit us a lot. Our neighborhood is full of slopes, which made people suffer a lot in transportation. We were very happy to hear about this project.”

Özgür Özdemir (Mayor of Harbiye District): “In transportation, the metro has a resource that modernizes a city. Dikmen still continues with the minibus culture. We will continue to support this project. I believe that the expansion of the metro, which is the healthiest and most modern transportation method, will move Ankara to another point.”

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