Antalya Car Museum in DokumaPark Will Open Soon

Antalya Car Museum in DokumaPark Will Open Soon
Antalya Car Museum in DokumaPark Will Open Soon

The 'Antalya Car Museum', which was built by Kepez Municipality in the warehouse building of the old Weaving Factory and where nearly seventy vehicles will be exhibited, is opening its doors to its visitors in the near future. Kepez Municipality is bringing a nostalgic car museum to the city, where the vehicles that left their mark on the last hundred years of Turkey will be exhibited.

The museum, where the recent history of Antalya and the country will be told through vehicles, is being installed in DokumaPark. The museum, where the history of Turkey's automobile and aviation industry will also be exhibited, is being built in the warehouse buildings of the old Weaving Factory. The buildings, which have been strengthened and have a seating area of ​​approximately 2 square meters, are being converted into museums. As part of the work carried out by the tender method, exhibition areas are created in the museum. Vehicles that left their mark on the aviation, automotive and transportation sectors of the city and the country, Turkish politics and Turkish Cinema will be exhibited in the exhibition areas.

“The project that excites us”

Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü visited the construction site of the museum, which started in 2015, and made inspections. Mayor Tütüncü, who visited the exhibition areas and conveyed the works he wanted to be done to the authorities of the contractor company, said that the Antalya Car Museum was one of the projects that excited them.

13 museums in Kepez

Tütüncü continued his statement as follows: “This museum is where we collect motorized or non-motorized vehicles used in public and individual transportation in the last century of the city, the country; It will be a special place where we present traces of industrial history to our compatriots.
Weaving is walking towards a completely different future with its museums. DokumaPark has made significant strides in becoming Antalya's island of culture and art. We think that we have achieved important successes at the point we have reached, with the construction of 13 new museums that are easy to speak of, and also with souvenir houses and places to remember.
One of the first openings of the new year will be the car museum. Antalya Car Museum will be a very special culture and art space where those who want to meet with nostalgia, history and car love come together and interact with each other.”

This museum will tell the history of the city

Underlining that they will tell the history of the city through vehicles at the Antalya Car Museum, Tütüncü said: “There are good examples of car museums in Turkey, but not many. Car museums generally tell the history of the car. At Antalya Car Museum, we will tell the history of the city through cars. We will shed light on the history of humanity and the recent past of the city through means of transportation. This will be one of our most distinctive features. It was a job that we enjoyed very much. Hopefully, we will complete this project as soon as possible and present it to our fellow citizens in the first months of 2022.”

There are 70 vehicles in the museum's collection

President Hakan Tütüncü stated that there will be more than seventy vehicles in the collection of the museum, “Preparing each of these vehicles is not an easy task. We value not only automobiles, but also aircraft and objects such as trams. Because it is much more meaningful to convey the parts of the recent period and recent history related to the city and urbanism through these tools. So we say that there are not only cars here. There are also aircraft, trams, public transportation vehicles, vehicles used in health and agriculture here.” made the statement.

Revolution in the museum

Stating that they will also exhibit the prototype of the domestic automobile Devrim in the museum, Mayor Tütüncü said, “In this museum, we also tell the industrial history of Turkey. This museum is a place where the developments that Turkey has made in the last century, especially in the aviation and automotive sectors, will be explained and conveyed in the best way possible. The Revolution car about it has a very different feature. At the center of the Revolution, we are preparing a beautiful corner where we talk about Turkey's history of automobiles, its love for automobiles, its passion for making cars, and the excitement of making cars.” With his words, he finished his statement.

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