İZDENİZ's First Female Deck Personnel Started to Work

your first female deck crew started work
your first female deck crew started work

He's holding the rudder, tying the rope, placing the vehicle. “The taboos need to be broken. The dream of Tuğba Çokoğullu, who started work as İZDENİZ's first female deck personnel, is to become a captain.

Tuğba Çokoğullu, who works at İZDENİZ, the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's maritime transportation company, is the first female deck officer in İzmir Bay. Having received his education in the field of maritime since high school, Çokoğullu studied at Göztepe Anatolian Technical and Vocational High School, Yacht Captain's Department, and then graduated from Ordu University Fatsa Vocational School Maritime Transportation Management Department. Çokoğullu said, “I chose my profession at the age of 15 and said I should be in the sea. I love the sea very much. This is a work of the heart, I started this way. Of course there are difficulties. You fit 4 seasons in a suitcase. Your feet hardly touch the land. But when you enjoy your job, you don't get hung up on the difficulties," he said. Indicating that he did his first internship in İZDENİZ in 2009, Çokoğullu continued: “I had a dream since then. I wished I could work in İZDENİZ, now it has come true.”

Satisfied with the attention of passengers

Çokoğullu, who was pleased with the interest shown by the passengers, said, “While getting on the ship, I also encountered passengers who said, 'Oh, my daughter, pity you, isn't it a sin?', 'These ropes are as much as you', 'Aren't you a trainee?', 'Let the men do it'. But when they saw that I was doing my job properly, they also supported me. I am very happy and proud to be the first female deck crew of İZDENİZ” and continued as follows: “It is actually very difficult to be a female employee at sea. You first have to prove yourself, not your profession. Because there are a lot of rumors and superstitions on the subject. But after proving yourself, I have never seen a bad review or bad approach from anyone. Taboos need to be broken. Everything a man does, a woman does. Our license system is different, we can always rise by serving. It took about 7 months for me to get my captain's license. I want to get my captain's license and be in the wheelhouse now."

Tugba is our right hand

Expressing that he has been working in İZDENİZ for 7 years, Captain Emrah Yener said, “This is the first time I am working with a female sailor. Men should not be offended, but they are more understanding and more patient. A woman can comfortably do this profession if she has sufficient technical equipment. The captain's right hand is the sailor. Tuğba is our right arm. He is doing his job very well," he said.

Passengers are happy to see female staff

Passenger Zeynep Onur said, “We use the car ferry all the time. We really enjoyed seeing female staff on board. It is very important and beautiful for women to work in places where they can do anything and show themselves on every platform. We showed the power of women here as well. We are very proud,” he said. Simay Tatar said, “I use the car ferry at least once a week. Normally it can be surprising to see female staff on board, but this is what I like.”

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