What Foods Should Puppies Be Given?

What food should be given to puppies
What food should be given to puppies

Puppies cannot open their eyes in the first days of their birth. They are fed with breast milk and this feeding period is an average of six weeks. If the container that the mother is feeding has started to feed the puppy, the weaning period of the puppy may even be between four and five weeks.

The stomach of puppies cannot take enough food for the whole day in one go. Therefore, it should be fed three times a day. The food he eats should always be fresh and the water he drinks should be clean. When your puppy is four or five months old, the number of daily meals can be reduced to two.

The nutrition of puppies is very important. It is important that you train them on this. First of all, you should not keep food in the food bowl all the time. When you put the food, you should take the part that it has not eaten for a certain time from the food bowl and you should not put the food until the next meal time. Behaving in this way will ensure that your dog gains nutritional habits and does not have digestive problems. There is no need to give extra vitamins and minerals to puppies with a balanced diet. In fact, giving them negatively affects their development.

You can determine the amount of dog food according to your dog's breed, environmental conditions and metabolism.

Which Foods Should Be Preferred for Puppies?

In fact, puppies need to be cared for and fed in the same way as a small baby. Dogs are also weak when they are born and are vulnerable to all dangers from outside. For this reason, separate foods are produced for puppies. The most important thing for puppies is the high nutritional value of dog food. They are high protein foods. Especially dog ​​foods with chicken and beef can be preferred for puppies.

How do you get your puppy used to dry food?

The process of accustoming puppies to food is when your dog is weaned. Puppy food It can be wetted with water and placed next to the dog's bed. The most important factor here is that the food is definitely wetted with water, not milk. If your puppy does not eat the food you put on the side of the bed, you can apply the dog food by wetting your dog's paws. Your dog will definitely bring its paws to its mouth. For your dog, who is familiar with the smell and taste of the food, put a container next to his bed and put it in this container. dry dog ​​food You can leave. Of course, you should never forget to leave a clean container and water next to the food.

What Foods Should Not Be Given to Dogs?

Dogs have a different metabolism. Therefore, food eaten by humans or other animals can be dangerous for dogs. Some foods cause mild digestive problems to dogs, while others can be fatal. If you need to take a look at these foods;

Fish bones and animal bones, cat food, pieces of animal fat, baby food, chocolate products, liver, moldy spoiled foods, raw fish, raw eggs, vegetables such as garlic and onions, sugary foods, salt, vegetable leaves, leftovers, tangerines, oranges , lemons, grapes, raisins, alcoholic beverages, etc.

The logic of 'my dog ​​eats whatever I eat' is a very wrong and unhealthy point of view. It can even cause the death of our dear friends. We should pay as much attention to what they eat as we are to what we eat.

The Best Quality Foods for Your Dog at Pet Need

Dog food types include dry dog ​​food, wet dog food and canned dog food. Wet dog foods are very rich in protein. There are options such as chicken, lamb, veal and these are high protein sources. Wet dog food is considered wet dog food because it spoils more quickly than dry dog ​​food. canned dog food You can also choose the option. Whatever your preference, you can find the best quality food at Pet Need.


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