TAI Scientific Research Program Applications Started

TUSAS Scientific Research Program Applications Started
TUSAS Scientific Research Program Applications Started

Turkish Aerospace Industries continues to support our country within the scope of its academic studies. The Scientific Research Program (BAP) was launched to support the graduate thesis studies of both colleagues and non-company graduate students.

With the Turkish Aerospace Industries BAP project, the company aims to carry out academic studies of higher quality and higher impact. It is envisaged that by increasing the support for academic studies, it will be possible to carry out more thesis studies that will also benefit the aviation ecosystem.

With the budget and industry consultancy support provided by the Turkish Aerospace Industries BAP, it is aimed to carry the thesis studies to a further point. The project will be carried out from the equity budget of Turkish Aerospace Industries and will make an important contribution to researchers who want to carry out research and development studies in consultation with engineers who are experts in their fields.

Turkish Aerospace Industries General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil explained the following about the BAP program: “We try to support our aviation studies, especially in the academic field, under the guidance of our engineers. We are pleased to support our colleagues working in our company and our dear brothers and sisters who continue their postgraduate education at universities in every field. As I always say, we attach great importance to human resources to complete our projects. Thanks to this program, we will directly contribute to our country by raising qualified human resources trained in almost every field of engineering.”

The interested parties will be able to reach detailed information and apply for the BAP project on the official website of tusas.com. Applications will continue until October 16, 2021.

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