Signatures Have Been Signed on Turkey's Largest Logistics Center Project

Signatures Have Been Signed on Turkey's Largest Logistics Center Project
Signatures Have Been Signed on Turkey's Largest Logistics Center Project

The signing ceremony of the “Diyarbakır Logistics Center”, which will open Diyarbakır to the Middle East and Central Asian markets, was held. Speaking at the ceremony held at the Ali Emiri Congress Center, Governor Münir Karaloğlu said that the project work started in 2012.

Stating that they have made great efforts to accelerate the work since the moment he took office, Karaloğlu thanked everyone who contributed, especially President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Stating that the tender phase was completed by the Karacadağ Development Agency, with the completion of the feasibility studies of the region, Karaloğlu noted that the tender, which was worth 1 billion 150 million liras, was managed with a transparent process.

Stating that the importance of logistics has emerged more during the pandemic process, Karaloğlu stated that the most critical stage of the supply chain is logistics.

Stating that logistics affects production costs, Karaloğlu said:

“Right now, the world is suffering from a very important shortage of goods. There is a serious cost in everything. This is due to insufficient logistics. There is a queue in front of petrol stations in England. The British government says that I cannot find and transport a tanker. So he's actually talking about logistics.”

Expressing that countries with strong logistics infrastructure will provide an advantage to other countries in terms of competition, Karaloğlu said:

“Hopefully, our country, our region and our city will gain a very serious competitive advantage when we implement this project in Diyarbakır, one of the largest logistics centers in Turkey, in a healthy way.”

Diyarbakir is on very important trade routes.

Drawing attention to the importance of the project for both the country and Diyarbakır, Karaloğlu said:

“Diyarbakır is on very important trade routes, close to both the Middle East and Central Asia. The railway passes through our logistics center, which is a city with strong trade, a strong destination by road, rail and airline. Hopefully, there will be warehouses with railroad discount unloading. Even this will reveal the difference of Diyarbakir logistics village.”

Things are going well in Diyarbakir

Expressing that with the completion of the logistics center, it will make significant contributions to both the country's and the city's economy, Karaloğlu continued his speech as follows:

“Hopefully, with these and similar investments, the textile city of Diyarbakir continues at a very fast pace that will support each other a lot. Right next to it, our organized industrial zone is advancing very rapidly. Our Karacadağ Organized Industrial Zone is growing in its immediate vicinity. Things are going well in Diyarbakir. I hope that as long as we continue this positive agenda that we have caught in Diyarbakır, the way of Diyarbakır is clear, I hope this positive agenda will strengthen in our work.”

Governor Karaloğlu signed the contract with the company that won the tender after the speech.

Logistics Center

The Logistics Center, which will also be a first in the Southeast, will be established on 217 hectares and become Turkey's largest logistics base. The Logistics Center will also include a 5-lane railway terminal.

In the center where there will be 11 warehouses of 16 thousand square meters with railway berthing, 12 warehouses of 500 thousand 8,5 square meters of 600 thousand 11 square meters without railway berthing, 2 warehouses of 900 thousand 23 square meters, licensed warehouse silo area of ​​161 thousand 500 square meters, a railway terminal, a truck park with 700 vehicles, a fuel station. will also be found.

With the establishment of the Logistics Center, it is aimed to contribute greatly to the employment of Diyarbakır, which is located at the intersection of the most important trade routes of the region.

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