Mecidiyeköy Square Opened to the Service of Istanbulites

Mecidiyekoy Square opened to the service of Istanbulites
Mecidiyekoy Square opened to the service of Istanbulites

After 10 months of work, IMM opened Mecidiyeköy Square to the service of Istanbulites. IMM President visiting the square that gives a breath of fresh air to Mecidiyeköy, which is one of the busiest points of the city in terms of vehicle and human traffic. Ekrem İmamoğlu“Everyone will witness how life will change in Mecidiyeköy. We will instill happiness in people,” he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) completed the "Mecidiyeköy Square" work, which it started on January 22, 2021, in exactly 10 months. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, together with CHP Istanbul Provincial Chairman Canan Kaftancıoğlu and Şişli Mayor Muammer Keskin, experienced the square that gives Mecidiyeköy a breath of fresh air. The delegation, informed by IMM Deputy Secretary Generals Mahir Polat and Gürkan Alpay; He visited the Borrowing Library, Istanbul Bookstore, Mecidiyeköy Art, BELTUR kiosk and Çözüm Center, watched the dance and music show in the square. İmamoğlu, who was the first customer of the Istanbul Bookstore and made the first book, presented the book he bought to Kaftancıoğlu. With the citizens in front of the BELTUR kiosk sohbet Imamoglu, who told him about their problems, offered coffee to the mother-daughter.


İmamoğlu also made his evaluations about the square in the field. Saying, “I wanted to introduce and make you feel the new state of Mecidiyeköy Square by visiting it,” İmamoğlu advised the journalists to visit the area once again in a calmer state. Stating that everyone will witness how life will change in Mecidiyeköy with the work done, İmamoğlu said, “Imagine; Could all of us, the people passing by here, imagine that there is 8 thousand square meters of space that cannot be used by people? In the area where we are now, we have presented an area of ​​8 thousand square meters to the service of Istanbulites, in the heart of Istanbul, in Mecidiyeköy, where perhaps the green area per capita is the least, where we think it is between the buildings.”


Saying, “We preferred to come here with the metrobus very early in the morning during the election period,” İmamoğlu said, adding that the square was implemented. As of the moment we landed, the living areas of the population here are in chaos, peddlers, cars, vehicles of some of our security forces are parked and so on. And it's a really frightening area. That very day, we talked to our friends that 'Life must change from here'. We were lucky, we saw it”. Saying, "We will experience these changes not only here, but in many areas and squares of Istanbul," İmamoğlu said:

“What do these changes reflect? We just listened to an art show. A music was playing. And a few of our dancer friends were also performing. The artistic events here, the cultural events here, the Istanbul Bookstore here -my friends are starting a process related to the entrusted book with their software - here is the formation of an art exhibition and the meeting of people with art there… In fact, we will instill happiness in people here. And instilling this happiness has the following benefits: If people go to their jobs by passing through beautiful areas, beautiful places and beautiful memories, their performance in their job will also increase. If he goes home, maybe he goes home with a smile on top of all the tiredness of that day. If he has a restlessness, he does not reflect it in his home. He returns home with different thoughts. It turns to positive thoughts. With all these aspects, the reinforcement areas, squares and spaces of the city are very, very valuable.”


Not forgetting those who contributed to the formation of the square, İmamoğlu said, “From now on, this is the place of the Şişli Municipality, the people of Şişli, but also the people of Istanbul. Therefore, it is entrusted to our people. I know that he will protect, develop, and bring suggestions to us. Maybe some non-governmental organizations will organize, design and bring together some art events here with our people. Hastily, in the middle of the night, 'How do I get out of here? For creating this space, which gives us the opportunity to say, 'Can something happen to me, let me take a breather here, or even walk around the exhibition hall, even if it is closed, and examine a work of art, albeit from afar, with the advantage of the lighting inside', and for presenting it to our citizens, I would like to thank everyone with my belief that they will protect our citizens as well. Good luck to our Istanbul," he said.


The total construction area of ​​Mecidiyeköy Square, which is used by an average of 1 million 300 thousand people daily, is 7 thousand 800 square meters. There is a green area of ​​2 thousand 500 square meters in the area. For the arrangement of the square, 63 trees were planted in the area. Seating and resting equipment has an area of ​​450 square meters. While Istanbul Kitapçısı presents the newest editions and classical works to its readers; Citizens will have the opportunity to read books for free with the Borrowing Library system. Mecidiyeköy Art, on the other hand, opened its doors with the exhibition "My Eyes on You, Istanbul". Mecidiyeköy Sanat will be open to visitors every day of the week, except Monday, between 10.00:19.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX.

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