Dried Fruit Exports Run to 1,5 Billion Dollars

Dried Fruit Export Runs To Billion Dollars
Dried Fruit Export Runs To Billion Dollars

The dried fruit sector, which is one of the traditional exporting sectors of Turkey, increased its exports by 2021 percent from 11 million dollars to 927 billion 1 million dollars in the January-September period of 30. On the basis of amount of dried fruit export; It increased by 2 percent from 327 thousand tons to 332 thousand tons.

The Turkish dried fruit sector, which left 2020 behind with an export of 1,4 billion dollars, aims to exceed the 2021 billion dollars threshold by the end of 1,5 for the first time in its history.

Stating that dried fruit exports have been stuck in the range of 1,3-1,4 billion dollars for many years, Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters' Association Chairman Birol Celep said that they were happy to exceed the 2021 billion dollars threshold in the January-September period of 1, He stated that with the export shipments to be made in the last quarter of the year in fig and pistachio exports, they are at a point where they will exceed 2021 billion dollars for the first time in 1,5.

Pointing out that they are the world leader in the production and export of seedless raisins, dried apricots and dried figs, Celep said, “Our export of seedless raisins maintained its first place with 303 million dollars. Our dried apricot exports increased by 28 percent from 176 million dollars to 226 million dollars. Dried fig exports increased by 7 percent from 128 million dollars to 138 million dollars. In pistachio; We went from 112 million dollars to 61,5 million dollars with a record increase of 131 percent. We earned 50 million dollars from almond exports, 27,5 million dollars from pine nut exports, and 26 million dollars from walnut exports.”

Dry fruit export will reach its goals with “Turkish Dried Fruits”

Emphasizing that dried fruit products are on the list of healthy products of the World Health Organization, President Celep, while increasing the competencies of the companies, with the "Turkish Dried Fruits" Project called “Turkish Dried Fruits” supported by the Ministry of Commerce, in which 18 leading companies in the export of dried fruit participate, On the other hand, he added that they aim to diversify their export markets in the dried fruit sector, and that they have determined these countries as target markets in order to increase their market shares in the United States, Russia, Japan, China, Brazil and India by maintaining their position in the European countries where they are in a strong position.

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