Why Isn't Joseph Absent?

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FIFA game, which has been played by millions of people for many years, has been introduced. haberxnumx According to the website, the absence of Josef in Beşiktaş's squad drew great attention. The famous actor reacted to this situation clearly with his Twitter post.

I think you forgot someone

FIFA 22, the world-famous football game, recently launched the product after successfully promoting it. A situation did not escape the attention of those who immediately bought and started making matches. This was the fact that Josef De Souza, known as one of the best players of the Beşiktaş team, was not included in the game. Both the Turkish fans and the player himself had a hard time understanding the situation.

The subject suddenly became one of the trending topics in social media. After that, Josef tagged EA Sport, the producer of the game; I think you forgot to add a player to the game, and he allusively expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation. This social media message started to become popular in a short time on Twitter.

Many Beşiktaş fans protested the absence of the player and immediately began to criticize this with a harsh language. There have been thousands of different tweets about this. Thus, the issue was brought to the agenda. After all this, EA Sports has not yet made a statement. What will happen in the coming days is one of the most curious topics. News The situation in the category received a great response.

What is FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 draws attention as the most known and also the most played football game in the world. It is not only a computer, but also an advantage that it is compatible with consoles with different features. This game is created every year by looking at the current rosters of the teams. Considering the pictures of the players one by one, the characters are created accordingly.

That's why last minute According to the news, the release of the game means a great passion for the people who play it and the fans. However, the absence of the successful front libero of the Beşiktaş team has brought both reaction and anger. Now the eyes are on the company's statement.

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