Istanbul Airport Ranks Second in Europe with 986 Daily Flights

Istanbul airport became the second in Europe with daily flights
Istanbul airport became the second in Europe with daily flights

According to the air traffic data of the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL), between 27 September and 3 October, with the restrictions within the scope of COVID-19 measures being lifted to a large extent, Amsterdam Airport is the first in Europe with 1.064 daily flights, and Istanbul Airport is in Europe with an average of 986 daily flights. It was also the second airport with the most flights.

Frankfurt Airport ranked third with 938 flights, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport ranked fourth with 844 flights, and Antalya Airport ranked 699th with 7 flights.

In the same period, airline companies across Europe made an average of 13 thousand 70 flights per day in the last week, while the total number of flights in a week became 165 thousand 86. In the last week, 2019 percent of the airline traffic in 72 has been reached. Ryanair is the most flying airline in Europe with 2 daily flights. Turkish Airlines ranked 328nd with 1.212 daily flights, Easyjet ranked 2rd with 1.049 flights, and Pegasus Airlines ranked 3th with 458 flights.

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