IMM Announces the Details of the New Era on the Taxi Plate

ibb announced the details of the new period on the taxi plate
ibb announced the details of the new period on the taxi plate

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu's "Taxi license plate weight will end. The new era, which he announced with the words "Keep an eye on us," begins. The new system for taxi plate allocation comes into effect. Accordingly, the condition of 'Chauffeur Profession Livelihood' will be sought in the sale of taxi license plates. In addition, IMM will conduct an investigation on the existing taxi license plate owners with a commission to be formed by the representatives of tradesmen chambers and security units.

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Ekrem İmamoğlu, recently on social media; “We made a promise to the people of Istanbul. We said that the cost of taxi license plates will end. 16 million Istanbulites will win, a handful of license plate owners will lose. İBB will win! Keep an eye on us." Unable to get a response from UKOME in their search for a solution to Istanbul's taxi problem, IMM goes to inspect the taxi plates.


With the Council of Ministers Decision No. 86/10553; In order to develop and discipline public transportation in order to meet the transportation needs of the citizens, to prevent pirate transportation and to protect the rights of the drivers who are actually working, the condition of 'profession' will be sought in the sales transactions in line with the number of commercial plates to be given to taxis, minibuses and public service vehicles, as well as the issuance procedures and principles. .

Existing taxi license plate holders will consider whether the buyer has 'Choosed the Driving Profession as a Livelihood' while selling the license plate. Accordingly, the buyer has to prove that his only source of livelihood is 'driver'. In the applications for the commercial license plate allocation document, he will have to document that he has chosen the profession of chauffeur as a source of livelihood and that he has been performing it continuously. These documents will also require the approval of the relevant official institution.


In the applications for the Commercial Plate Allocation Certificate; 'Social Security Registration Certificate Inquiry', 'Workplace Registration Subject to SSI and Debt Information Query from Insurance', 'My Vehicles Inquiry', obtained via E-Government belonging to the person who wants to obtain a plate to be given to IMM and can be verified with a QR code/barcode. will be done. In cases where verification with the relevant documents is not deemed sufficient, additional documents will be requested from the tax office or similar institutions.


The division into multiple shares is also eliminated in the purchase of commercial license plates. Due to difficulties in reaching vehicle owners within the scope of inspections, a commercial license plate cannot be sold by dividing into smaller shares than the current share ratio, except for legal obligations (inheritance, court decisions, etc.).

1%, 2% etc. of commercial plates. Due to the sale of shares or 1/16th (under the name of Bijon shares), sales can only be made for 100% share completion among shareholders (including the sale of the plate, which was previously sold as shares).


A working commission will be established with the participation of all public institutions and organizations and chambers of tradesmen, within the scope of the Council of Ministers decision or the Law No. This commission will check whether the taxi license plate holders comply with the current conditions. It will be able to suspend the licenses of commercial license plates that do not meet the conditions.


At the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) meeting, which takes place every month and is planned to be held on October 28 this month, the demand for 5000 taxis to Istanbul, which was previously submitted by IMM, will be on the agenda again. The proposal, which was rejected nine times at UKOME before, will be put to vote for the tenth time.

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