It's Time to Strike Fear in Your Opponents in ZULA with Horror Season

Time to intimidate your opponents in the stash with horror season
Time to intimidate your opponents in the stash with horror season

The new season of ZULA Oyun, which is called “Fear Season”, promises an exciting fight with its gothic atmosphere, new equipment and many surprise prizes.

Enriching the endless struggle of the Zula Team and Gladio with new stories every season, Turkey's most popular domestically produced MMOFPS game ZULA is putting its signature under one of the most interesting seasons to date with its “Fear Season”.

Game lovers are coming with many innovations such as the “Season of Horror”, the first Epic Glove “Glove of Horror”, the new Elite Series “Gothic Series”, new safes, where beautiful items and events await.

Added “Gloves of Horror” and “Gothic Series”

In the new season, "Glove of Horror", the first "Epic Glove" in ZULA, also meets the players. The Fear Glove can be obtained by completing the Zula Pass.

One of the novelties of the Season of Horror that will attract the most attention of the players and add excitement to the game will be the "Gothic Series". With the "Gothic Series", the new "Elite Series" in ZULA, game lovers have the opportunity to talk about their playing styles.

In the Gothic Series; P90, Deagle, L115A3, Groza, MPT76, M4A1, M4 Super 90, AWP, Kar98, Bora12, M93R, Glock18, Mehmetçik Pro, Mehmetçik, M6LWRC, M468, FN FAL Pro, FN FAL, AK-47, AugA3.

“Fear Token” awaits players in the Coin Market

The Jeton Market, which is updated every season, is waiting for the players with its beautiful contents this season as well.

Zula lovers will be able to buy any item they want from the Coin Market, which will be updated every week with the newly added “Fear Token” and continue the fight at full speed. In addition, the “Competition Token” will be constantly active in the game.

20% Chance of Success on all upgrades

This season is also an important opportunity for Zula lovers to strengthen their inventory.

All upgrades throughout the season will have a 20% chance of Success, allowing the player to strengthen their weapon of choice and challenge their opponents harder.

Unlimited item chance in “Dark”, “Fear” and “Spider” Crates

The new crates of the season will be the "Vault of Darkness", "Vault of Fear" and "Vault of the Spider".

Players who open these new safes can extract beautiful items and try them in the game. With these crates, players can get unlimited items such as Unlimited AUG A3, Unlimited Karambit, Unlimited Kar98 and more.

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