Announced that Domestic Hybrid Cars Will Be Produced in the Closed Honda Turkey Factory

Citizens traveling with the line will not pay for the tram.
Citizens traveling with the line will not pay for the tram.

Having bought Honda's factory in Gebze, which was closed, HABAŞ will start domestic hybrid car production.

HABAŞ, which bought Honda's factory in Gebze, which ended production in Turkey, is preparing to produce domestic vehicles here. Aysel Yücel from the World that you convey According to HABAŞ officials, a domestic hybrid car will be produced at the factory.

HABAŞ officials announced that they are in talks with nearly 30 engineering companies and that they will start mass production with a domestic hybrid automobile brand. HABAŞ bought the equipment of the closed Honda UK factory and brought it to Turkey.

HABAŞ's Boss Mehmet Rüştü Başaran is also taking offers to former Honda employees for the production of the hybrid car.


HABAŞ Group, whose foundations were laid in 1956 by Hamdi Başaran under the name of “Hamdi Başaran Topkapı Oxygen Factory”, is today one of the leading organizations of our country with its sales turnover from production and high export rate.

HABAŞ, which broke new ground in the industrial gas production where it first started, mainly produces industrial and medical gases, steel, electrical energy, heavy machinery, cylinders and cryogenic tanks, as well as liquefied natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum. is a group of industrial organizations that distribute gas (LPG) and provide port and maritime transportation services.

Today, HABAŞ is the largest industrial and medical gas producer and distributor of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) in our country.

With its marine terminals, storage and filling facilities, LPG ship and wide dealer network, HABAŞ is among the leading companies in the LPG sector.

HABAŞ is among the leading companies of our country in steel production. Exporting to five continents, HABAŞ continues new investments to increase its annual steel production capacity of 4.500.000 tons and to diversify its product range.

HABAŞ is in the upper steps among the private sector companies producing electrical energy. It is aimed to increase the generation power of 1100 MW with new power plant investments.

HABAŞ carries out the design, detail engineering, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of storage tanks, gasifiers, steam boilers, heat exchangers, pressurized gas cylinders, spiral pipes, light and heavy machinery manufacturing and turnkey process facilities.

Anadolubank, which was purchased by the HABAŞ group from the Privatization Administration in 1997, carries out its banking services, which started with three branches, with one hundred and fifteen branches today.

HABAŞ Group organizations, which have adopted the principle of providing Service, Quality and Trust to their customers, are 100% domestic capital.

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