Despite the Decision to Stop, Bursa City Hospital Metro Construction Continues

Bursa City Hospital subway construction continues despite the decision to stop
Bursa City Hospital subway construction continues despite the decision to stop

Administrative jurisdiction canceled the Bursaray Emek-YHT-Şehir Hospital metro line tender, saying exorbitant price, and stopped the execution, but the contractor company, which received the address-delivery tender from the Ministry of Transport, did not stop the construction.

Bursaray Emek-YHT-City Hospital Metro Line construction does not slow down even though the judiciary canceled the tender for the second time due to the exorbitant price. Sözcü According to the news of Halil Ataş from the newspaper; CHP Bursa Provincial Chairman İsmet Karaca went to the area where the groundbreaking ceremony was held in Balat to see the latest status of the Bursaray Emek-YHT-Şehir Hospital metro construction, whose tender was canceled for the second time by the administrative judiciary and whose execution was stopped.

Seeing that the work in the region continues, Karaca said, “Despite the administrative court decision, the company continues its work with an attitude that does not recognize the law. Now we have some questions in mind. Did they give legal guarantee to this firm? In which legal framework is this company paid the progress payment?” posed the question.


Regarding the subject, Karaca said: “No one is against the service rendered. When the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor from AKP brought it to the public agenda in Bursa in 2018, he announced the construction cost of this line to the Bursa public as 600 million TL. In the tender held a year or so later, the tender was awarded almost three times over. There was a reaction from many segments of society, including the Republican People's Party, to this exorbitant price increase.

– After these reactions, the tender canceled by the Council of State was held for the second time and given to the same company again, this time it was tendered again to the same company for 342 billion 1 million liras, with a higher price of 950 million liras.

– However, despite the decision to stay of execution by the Ankara Administrative Court on the grounds that competition conditions were not met, the firm that received the tender continues to work. Now our concern is this. I wonder if this tender will be given to the same company at a higher price this time or with a higher progress payment?”

Günceleme: 19/10/2021 19:04

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