The Heart of Capital Tourism Ankara Castle Is Shining

Ankara Castle, the heart of capital tourism, is illuminated
Ankara Castle, the heart of capital tourism, is illuminated

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality accelerated the lighting works in Ankara Castle, one of the tourism centers of the Capital. The Department of Urban Aesthetics equipped Koyunpazarı Slope, Karakaş and Brass Street, where Ankara Castle is located, with colorful armature lamps. Thanks to the luminaire lamps, which are recycled and reused, a saving of 100 thousand TL was achieved.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its lighting works in the streets, avenues and boulevards needed all over the capital without slowing down.

Continuing its lighting works in Ankara Castle, which is one of the tourism centers and historical places of the capital, the Metropolitan Municipality has also included Koyunpazarı Slope in its program. The teams affiliated to the Department of Urban Aesthetics equipped Koyunpazarı Yokuşu with colorful decorative lighting fixtures upon the high demand from tradesmen and citizens.


The Department of Urban Aesthetics, which completely renovated the Tandoğan Facilities previously owned by MKE Ankaragücü Sports Club, repaired and overhauled the old unused luminaire lamps that were removed from there.

Thanks to the reuse of recycled materials, a saving of 100 thousand TL was achieved, while 30 decorative luminaire lamps were used as part of the lighting works in Koyunpazarı, Karakaş and Pirinç Sokak.

As a result of the works carried out without disturbing the historical texture of the region, the streets had a colorful appearance with red, white, yellow, blue and orange decorative lamps.

THE Idea of ​​the tradesmen was taken

The Metropolitan Municipality also asked the opinion of the castle tradesmen, from the color of the lamps to be installed with the principle of 'common mind', to where to hang them.

Koyunpazarı tradesmen expressed their satisfaction with the lighting works initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in terms of both security and tourism, with the following words:

-Mehmet Esref Akyuz: “When it was evening, no one could enter this street, it was pitch dark here. Even we tradesmen could not stop. Thanks to the order of our Metropolitan Mayor, all our streets were bright. We're so glad. Hopefully, after dark, we will be able to stay in our shops and work with peace of mind. During the works, the Metropolitan teams often came and took our opinion. So thank you to those friends. That's what municipalism is. It is to be intertwined with the tradesmen and the public.”

- Sukru Atak: “May God bless whoever contributed to these lightings. I hope their other worlds, from the giver, the giver, the chief, to the worker, will be as bright as this. No one could pass through here out of fear. Even we, as tradesmen, were afraid in the pitch dark. Now come swaying, it's so comfortable."

-Kadriye Büşra Demirel Büyükdoğan: “Before our lamps were installed, our street was incredibly dark. I've been a business owner here for 3 months. When Ankara Castle was mentioned, it had the impression that it would not be entered after 17.00. After these lamps were installed, we sat on our street until 20.00-21.00 in the evening as tradesmen and enjoyed it very much. A big thank you to everyone involved.”

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