Online Surgery with 5G Connected Smart Glasses

online surgery with g
online surgery with g

Thanks to the new generation domestic and national interactive platform integrated into its 5G infrastructure, Türk Telekom brought Turkish surgeons in different provinces together in a real operating environment. prof. Dr. Lütfi Tunç and his team broke new ground in Turkey with the online surgery performed at Ankara Acıbadem Hospital using smart glasses with 5G connectivity.

Türk Telekom Technology Assistant General Manager Yusuf Kıraç stated that thanks to the 5G connected smart glasses used by the surgeon who performed the operation, with the interactive surgery that provides very low latency and high quality image transmission, they have accomplished an important work that will revolutionize digitalization in both the telecommunication and health sectors.

Accelerating Turkey's digital transformation with its innovative value-generating projects, Türk Telekom enabled a real online operation to be performed remotely with 5G. Urologist Prof. Dr. Lütfi Tunç performed a prostate surgery called “Thuflep Omega”, a special surgical technique developed by him in Ankara Acıbadem Hospital to ensure a low complication rate and get better results from the surgery, by using 5G connected smart glasses, with instant follow-up of doctors in different cities. way it did.

“We have successfully carried out a very important study in the field of health”

Professor, who is experienced in laparoscopic - robotic surgery and laser benign prostate surgeries and has techniques in these surgical methods that have passed into the international health literature. Dr. Lütfi Tunç stated that it is very important to use new generation technologies for the training of surgeons. “Thanks to the new generation 5G advanced technology infrastructure provided by Türk Telekom, we have removed distances with latency-free video transmission and successfully carried out a very important work in the field of health,” he said. Stating that using this technology will make a great contribution to surgical training, Tunç said that thanks to the undelayed image and sound transmission, surgeons will be able to follow the operations better and share interactive information.

More powerful Telemedicine applications with 5G connected Smart Glasses and interactive platforms

Stating that features such as higher bandwidth and lower delay provided by 5G are of critical importance for Telemedicine solutions such as Tele-Surgery, Tele-Diagnosis, Tele-Treatment, Türk Telekom Technology Assistant General Manager Yusuf Kıraç said, He said he had reached a point. Kıraç said, “In the online remote surgery, an interactive platform working over 5G and smart glasses were used. Thanks to the 5G connected smart glasses used by the surgeon who performed the procedure, a very low-latency and high-quality image transmission was ensured, and an operation was performed in which doctors in different cities followed the operation instantly and expressed their opinions. In the operation performed, the interactive platform developed locally and nationally by the local company Mediatriple, which offers new generation broadcasting solutions, was integrated into Türk Telekom's 5G infrastructure. As part of our efforts to develop the 5G digital ecosystem; Explaining that they have achieved many firsts in the world and in Turkey, such as education, smart factory, cloud gaming, live match broadcasting via 5-degree camera and VR, remote maintenance and technical support application using AR, and 360G speed records, Kıraç said, “Our world-renowned Turkish surgeons They successfully performed the operation by participating from different cities in a real operation performed interactively over the internet. We are happy to be a part of this work, which is an important step in digitalization in the health sector.”

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