45% of İzmir Opera House Completed

Percent of izmir opera house has been completed
Percent of izmir opera house has been completed

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has completed 45 percent of the Izmir Opera House, which will be a first in Turkey, which it continues to build in Mavişehir. Stage mechanics design studies have reached the level of 75 percent. President Soyer said, “Izmir Opera, which will open its doors in 2023, will make very important contributions to the cultural and artistic production of the city.”

Work continues on the Izmir Opera House, which is being built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to bring an opera house to the city in Mavişehir. The Izmir Opera House, which was built on an area of ​​429 thousand square meters with an investment of 25 million liras and whose project was determined by a national architectural competition, will go down in history as the first structure in the history of the Republic of Turkey "specific for opera art".

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor reminded that İzmir is an important culture and art city where permanent works are produced in every branch of art in its thousands of years of history. Tunç Soyer“İzmir Opera will be one of the vision projects of our city. We are trying to create a climate in İzmir that will produce in seven branches of art and that will enable new schools to be born in our works that we carry out with the goal of 'Izmir, a city of culture and art'. İzmir Opera will make significant contributions to this goal. We are proud of that,” he said.

What will happen at the Izmir Opera House?

İzmir Opera, which will host ballet, theater and concert events in addition to the opera, will have sections that will serve cultural and art producers from shoemaker to tailor, from carpentry to decor atelier, from recording rooms to wig workshop. The stage floor will rotate 65 ​​degrees on its own axis in İzmir Opera, which will feature a 360-meter tower and a moving stage running on its horizontal axes. Thus, it will be possible to perform both old and modern choreographies comfortably. İzmir Opera, which will make a name for itself with its state-of-the-art stage systems, sound and light systems, will control the stage with an automation system.

There are two halls

The main hall and stage with a capacity of 1435 people, a small hall and stage with a capacity of 437 people, rehearsal halls, opera section, ballet section, courtyard-open performance area with 350 audience capacity, workshops and warehouses, main service units, administration section, general facilities, a technical center and a parking lot with a capacity of 525 vehicles. The facility has a construction area of ​​approximately 75 thousand square meters. The section of the building, called the front foyer, was designed as a social space that is open all day with its bookstore, opera shop, bistro and ticket office.

What was done?

Murat Yenigül, Head of the Construction Works Department of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, said that the rough construction of 9 out of 4 blocks has been completed so far within the scope of the construction works. Yenigül said, “It is a very difficult region in terms of soil characteristics. We did ground improvement work for about a year and a half. We have produced shoring walls and concrete bored piles. In 2022, we will complete the rough constructions, continue the electro-mechanical productions and start the facade cladding. At the same time, fine work will be done. We are working to implement İzmir's signature project in line with the culture-arts vision of our Tunç President.”

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