Flights at Trabzon Airport Continue Without Problem

Flights continue smoothly at Trabzon Airport.
Flights continue smoothly at Trabzon Airport.

Flights, which were suspended for 25 hours on Friday, August 2, due to corrugation in the 20 m3,5 section of the Trabzon Airport runway, resumed.

After the corrugation on the runway was quickly removed, the airport was opened to traffic.

According to the statement made by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, traffic was interrupted at 25 on Friday, August 20, due to the corrugation that occurred in the 20.40 square meter area south of the Trabzon Airport runway. The airport was opened to traffic at 3:00.15 after a short period of work such as XNUMX and a half hours, in which flight safety was meticulously ensured.

At Trabzon Airport, where an average of 96 take-offs and departures per day and 12 passenger traffic took place in July, the number of aircraft landing and taking off was 843, 2313 in domestic flights and 668 in international lines.

In the said month, domestic passenger traffic reached 332 thousand 553, international passenger traffic reached 65 thousand 582. Thus, a total of 398 thousand 135 passengers were served in July.

Airport freight (cargo, mail and baggage) traffic; In July, it was 3 tons in domestic flights, 444 tons in international lines, and 1293 tons in total.

In the 2021-month period of 7, the aircraft traffic landing and taking off at airports was 8 thousand 954 on domestic lines and 1424 on international lines. Thus, a total of 10 thousand 378 aircraft traffic took place.

In this period, when the domestic passenger traffic was 1 million 155 thousand 201 and the international passenger traffic was 80 thousand 781, a total of 1 million 235 thousand 982 passengers were served.

Freight (cargo, mail and baggage) traffic in the said period; It reached a total of 11 tons, 195 thousand 2 tons on domestic lines and 538 thousand 13.733 tons on international lines.

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