10 Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Will Recruit Personnel

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, to be employed within the Department of Information Technologies, the Annex 375 of the Decree Law No. 6 and the "Large-Scale Information Processing Units of Public Institutions and Organizations, published in the Official Gazette No. 31.12.2008 of 27097, based on this article. In accordance with Article 8 of the Regulation on Principles and Procedures for the Employment of Contractual Informatics Personnel, 10 (ten) Contracted Informatics Personnel will be recruited with the placement to be made according to the order of success in the oral examination to be carried out by our Ministry.

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Candidates will be able to apply for only one of the posted positions. After the documents specified in the announcement are filled in completely and correctly, the applications with the documents attached to the application form; Between 08.03.2021 - 14.03.2021

www.turkiye.gov.t is will be done electronically via the address. Since the applications will be received electronically, applications will not be accepted by mail or in person.

Since the applications will be made with the e-Government password, the candidates (www.turkiye.gov.t is) account is required. In order to use the account in question, candidates must obtain an e-Government password. Candidates can obtain the envelope containing the e-Government password from the PTT Central Directorates by submitting their ID number with their TR ID number on the application in person.

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