Expert Dermatologist Şeyma Demirci Helps You Solve Your Skin Problems in Girls Asking

Seyda Demirci
Seyda Demirci

Anyone who has somehow heard of the KizlarAsking site has heard of it. kizlarsoruy it was found many years the most visited sites among its always a place in Turkey.

The most important reason for this is primarily the members of the site. Site members ask each other questions on interesting topics and categories of the site. However, KizlarSor Ask is a very interesting internet platform in terms of the variety of topics of the site as well as its members.

KizlarSortir is a site that constantly improves itself and includes new projects in the process since its establishment. Among these projects, there is one that has stood out recently, which has attracted serious attention: Knowing.

People in different categories answer questions on the site.

The site already has dozens of different categories. Here, the Bi'bilen project means that the site contains professional names that answer the questions of users in each of these dozens of different categories.

Actually that means this. You are a lawyer or a dentist. You become a member of KizlarSoruyor as Bi'bilen and you answer the questions of users on the site with the diligence of Bi'abil. The questions answered by Bi'bilenler in KizlarSoriyor are specially organized and the Bi'Bilen opinion is always at the top as the answer to the question. In this way, when an outside person looks at the answer to the question, he / she learns what the expert of the subject thinks about that question firsthand.

It is also very easy to ask a question to Bi'bilen.

It is also very easy to ask questions to Bi'Bilen members in KizlarSoruyor. The first thing to do to ask a question to a member that can know is to open a membership account for KizlarSoruyor. Post a question post in the relevant category after the membership account is opened in KizlarSoriyor. After publishing this post, select the "Invite a man to question" option in the post settings. Then you will choose which Bi'Bilen would like to answer your question. After doing this, a notification will be sent to the account of Bi'bilen you have chosen. After this notification, Bi'abil answers the question.

One of the members who can answer the questions of the users in Girls Asking is an Expert Dermatologist. Doctor Şeyma Demirci.

Doctor Şeyma Demirci, born in 1992 in İzmir, completed his medical education at Gazi University Faculty of Medicine. The degree field of expertise by Turkey Ankara Ataturk Training and Research Hospital and graduated in dermatology department. Demirci, who is a speaker in many symposiums at national and international level in the field of dermatology, can be stated as follows with the most frequently asked questions in Kizlar Asking:

  • How do the pores on my face go?
  • Is it possible to get rid of skin spots permanently?
  • How successful is fractional laser treatment in acne scars?
  • How do the white stretch marks on the body pass?
  • What advice would you give someone new to makeup?

All you have to do to ask Expert Doctor Şeyma Demirci about skin and skin diseases and more is to become a member of KizlarSoruyor immediately. After your membership is realized, you can invite members who can ask your questions as stated above.

Finally, we conclude our article by saying that confusion is difficult, ask Bi'bilen immediately.

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