55 Thousand Disinfection of Public Transport Vehicles in Sakarya

A thousand public transport vehicles in Sakarya disinfected
A thousand public transport vehicles in Sakarya disinfected

📩 11/01/2021 15:31

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality from March, when seen in the first coronavirus cases in Turkey until the end of 2020, public transport vehicles are a total of 55 thousand times be disinfected, bus stops is subjected to 10 thousand times the cleaning operation was specified

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation prevents the risk of contamination with the disinfection works it performs at public transportation vehicles and stops. In Turkey, the first cases were expressed that the coronavirus found that from March until the end of 2020, public transport vehicles be disinfected once a total of 55 thousand, 10 thousand bus stops are subjected to the cleaning process once said. While 100 new public transport stops were installed in the areas in need, maintenance and repair activities were carried out by the teams in 3000 stops.

55 thousand public transportation vehicles disinfected

In the statement, which was pointed out by the Department of Transportation, the utmost importance was given to public transportation in combating the pandemic, the following statements were made: “With the observation of the coronavirus pandemic, we increased our measures for public transportation vehicles. We strived to minimize the risk of contamination with regulations that limit the number of passengers for a healthy journey and the increase in the number of flights. From March until the last day of 2020, we disinfected public transportation vehicles 55 thousand times, and we subjected the collective stops to 10 thousand cleaning processes. As the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, we will continue our work meticulously until the coronavirus pandemic disappears. We would like to thank all our public transportation vehicles and citizens who comply with the measures in this process ”.

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